Workout Programs

workout programs

Are you looking for a workout program that you can access directly online? A workout program to build muscle, get fit or lose weight needs to be structured a certain way in order to be effective. To maximize your progress, your program needs to be adapted to suit your starting physical fitness level. It also needs to properly manage your levels of fatigue so that progress will only be made if you’re well rested. There’s no need to do high-intensity workouts every day. The quality of the workouts and managing the effort you put into them is what will help you make progress.

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Getting back in shape

An effective workout program to get back in shape makes physical activity a habit that you won’t be able to go without. It enables you to gradually get results that will last. You choose the goal that you can stick to and to get the exercises that are adapted to suit you. By working out regularly, you’ll quickly improve your overall health. Your workout program to get back in shape is made up of a training schedule of three workouts a week. Never lasting longer than 20 minutes, these short and intense workouts guarantee fast results. Regular fitness evaluations show you the progress you’re making. In just six weeks, you’ll effectively improve your overall health.

get back in shape

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Personalized workout programs

A good training program should bring together a variety of exercises grouped into different training blocks. It should be made up of a strength training block, cardio block and abdominal block. Your personalized workout will begin with a warm-up, whose purpose is to raise your body temperature and prepare your body for exercise. After the warm-up, you’ll do the core of the workout, which is adapted to suit your physical potential thanks to an initial evaluation. You’ll end your workout with stretching exercises for a peaceful return to rest. Your workout is a series of exercises that work all of your body’s muscles for short periods of time ranging from 15 to 30 seconds.

Your personalized training program enables you to get fast results in just six weeks. Your workouts are personalized and adapted to suit your level, enabling you to go beyond your limits without losing your motivation. The intensity is also adapted to suit your ability. Tips from a professional trainer will guide you as you continue to make guaranteed progress.


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High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a training method based on several repetitions of short but intense exercises. This form of exercise is made up of a period of intense exercise followed by a cool-down period. When included in a workout program, HIIT enables you to build your cardiovascular and muscular endurance as you do workouts that never last longer than 30 minutes. This method is also known for being highly effective for weight loss. You’ll do as many repetitions as you can for each exercise in order to actively build your musculature.

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Online workout programs

An online workout program is the perfect solution to fitness for people with busy schedules. Get back in shape wherever you are, whether that’s at home or at the office. Just like a “traditional” workout program, you’ll get three different training blocks made up of exercises to target specific areas of your body. A strength training block tones your muscles while a cardio block helps you lose weight. The abdominal block strengthens your core for a flat stomach. An online workout program is especially convenient for building your muscles without any special equipment. All you need is your own body weight to build strength and endurance. You’ll do functional exercises that train your muscles to make everyday tasks easier. Exercises like push-ups, lunges and squats enable you to effectively work your entire body. One application and an Internet connection is all you need to get the most out of a true personal training service whenever you want, wherever you want.


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Circuit training

Circuit training is a method that includes several exercises you do one after the other. You complete the same sequence of exercises 2 to 5 times. There’s only a short rest time between each exercise and each sequence. This is how your workout program builds muscle tone. You strengthen all your muscles because the exercises work your entire body. There’s no need for any equipment in order to build muscle. Your own body weight is all you need. You’ll sculpt a balanced and coordinated physique.

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Abs programs

Abdominal muscles are what tone in the abdominal wall. Abs programs improve power and strength in your abdominal core. Toned abdominals are useful for other sports, because they effectively transfer the force of jumping throughout your body while keeping your core engaged.

To get a flat stomach, traditional exercises like crunches are less effective because they only work the outer layer of the abdominals. Instead, you need to strengthen your deeper abdominal muscles, made up of the transverse abdominis muscles, with core exercises. A workout program strengthens all of your abdominal muscles by suggesting exercises that sculpt and strengthen your stomach. It also enables you to lose stomach fat more easily. The exercises change regularly in order to guarantee an effective workout. The goal of this workout program isn’t only aesthetic… it also improves your posture and relieves back pain.

abs programs

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Workout programs for women

A workout program should be adapted to women’s needs and develop the fitness qualities they expect. The goal is to help you lose weight and tone up your muscles again. A workout program for women meets your expectations by bringing together new eating habits and a workout program that’s adapted to suit you made up of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises. These exercises enable you to intensely work your cardiovascular system and require your body burn a tremendous amount of calories. They burn excess fat so that you can get the coordinated physique you want. Do personalized abdominal exercises along with the rest of your workout to sculpt and strengthen your stomach. You can also tone your body thanks to exercises like the squat (which effectively works your glutes and thighs) or the push-up (which builds your chest muscles).


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Workout programs for men

Men want to build their muscles and firm up their bodies for a sculpted physique. Your workout program enables you to build muscle thanks to muscle-building exercises using your body weight. You’ll effectively work your muscles without equipment and evenly build them without the risk of injury because you’re doing natural movements. In fact, all you need to do is lift and support your body in different positions. Your workout program for men will build your strength, power and endurance. You’ll be capable of doing high-intensity exercises for several minutes straight. Everyday life will become easier thanks to newly developed physical abilities.

Exercises like pull-ups and push-ups will enable you to build a bigger chest as you improve your explosiveness. Now you’re ready to take on any challenge and go beyond your limits. This kind of workout program is a perfect complement to other sporting activities as it develops your basic fitness level.


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Stretching programs

A full-body program always includes stretching at the end of the workout. Stretches are essential to fitness development because they help you become more flexible, improve joint mobility and relax your muscles after exercise. They involve lengthening your muscles. That’s why it’s better to get the advice of a fitness expert before you do them. Without it, you run the risk of injury or hindering muscle recovery.

There are two types of stretching that make up the stretching program: passive stretching (when the force of gravity is exerted on a limb) and active stretching (which occurs during the warm-up and involves broad and dynamic movements). Your program will suggest active stretching at the beginning of the workout to raise your body’s temperature and prepare it for muscular exertion. Passive stretching gives you a peaceful return to rest by putting tension on your muscles for 15 to 30 seconds, relieving back pain and enhancing future athletic performance.


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