Exercises for Weight Loss

Have you already thought of doing exercises for weight loss? Restrictive diets and deprivation never help you lose weight forever. That’s why you should start a program you can do over the long term. It’s time to rethink your eating habits and physical activity. Regularly doing the exercises that are included in a personalized workout program makes long-term weight loss possible with exercises that sculpt your physique.

Regular and intelligent physical activity enables you to lose weight with short and intense workouts that last only 20 minutes. You’ll tone up your physique and sculpt your muscles to get the body you’ve always dreamed of.

exercices for losing weight

Want to lose weight? Try working out!

Lose weight with FizzUp workout program

Which exercises should you do to lose weight?

An intense workout program that uses HIIT prevents you from falling into a routine by giving you a variety of exercises to lose weight and build muscle. You’ll stay motivated and enjoy taking care of your health and body.

Cardio exercises to burn fat

Cardio exercises act as an impressive fat-burner. They speed up sweating and your metabolism in order to supply your muscles with the high amount of energy they need. That’s how you burn lots of calories. EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) triggers calorie burn up to 48 hours after exercise. Cardio exercises make you lose weight all over your body by tackling your fat reserves.

The burpee is a must-do exercise for losing weight that will spark your interest with its fat-burning effects. Start the exercise in the squat position with your hands on the floor in front of you. Lightly jump your feet behind you. You’ll now be in the push-up position with your torso on the floor. Then, push up with your arms and jump your feet back to the squat position. Finish the exercise by jumping up and raising your arms. This full-body exercise works your entire body to have a global impact on your muscles and help you slim down your hips. Arms, hips, thighs, glutes… it works them all!

No-equipment exercises

An advantage to our personalized workout program is that you can lose weight at your own pace without even leaving your house. The exercises in your program only require the use of your body weight, which makes working out easier and evenly builds your muscles. With these equipment-free exercises, you’ll lift and support your own weight. This will make it easier for you to reach your healthy body weight: the weight at which you feel your best. This is the ideal weight for men and the ideal weight for women because it’s right for you and doesn’t depend on the number you see on the scale.

Bodyweight workouts improve your agility, coordination, strength and endurance. You’ll even protect your back and get better posture by not using weight machines.

Exercise for weight loss

It’s true that you should exercise, but at what cost? Do you feel incapable of running for long periods of time? Reaching your ideal weight doesn’t necessarily equate to long hours of exercise; it depends on how intense your workout is.

Got a tight schedule?

An active and past-paced lifestyle doesn’t always allow you to have time to yourself. With a personalized training program, your workouts are planned in ahead of time. A workout gives you a moment to yourself. YOU decide when is the right time to do your workout, morning, noon and night.

20 minutes is all you need to have an effective workout, which you can do wherever you are: at home, at the office or on vacation. An Internet connection or our mobile application gives you a complete fitness training service that’s adapted to suit you. You’ll save time by following a personalized program because you’ll target your needs, goals and fitness level. Stop letting cellulite make your life harder thanks to complete and customized fitness tracking.

High-intensity exercises for weight loss

In 1996, Doctor Izumi Tabata conducted a study that was published in an article in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise that compared the effects of moderate-intensity endurance activities such as running and the effects of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This study revealed that HIIT triggers a higher metabolic response than moderate-intensity endurance activities. Simply put, Dr. Tabata’s study proves that HIIT requires more energy from the body than endurance sports like jogging. That’s why HIIT exercises are great for weight loss: the more energy you require your body to use, the closer you’ll get to your ideal weight. What’s more, the effects of HIIT even continue for several hours after a workout.

HIIT is based on intensity, which enables you to exercise for very short periods and use your physical abilities to their maximum potential. This method involves several series of exercises with short rest periods between each exercise. You’ll lose weight and improve your athletic ability at the same time.

Do FizzUp exercises for weight loss

The FizzUp trainer will help you reach your weight loss goal by including HIIT and cardio exercises in your training program. The FizzUp training program is completely personalized and adapted to suit your physical abilities while taking your weight loss goal into account.

FizzUp fitness training is available online and for tablets and smartphones so that you can get encouragement and tips from the trainer wherever you are. FizzUp’s fast results will keep you motivated and help you continue to work out over the long term. Maximum progress is guaranteed only if you regularly work out every other day, as your program will suggest.

With FizzUp’s fitness tracking, you’ll lose excess weight and say goodbye to flab.

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