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Are you looking to start a workout program for men or a workout program for women that takes your goal and physical abilities into account? A personal workout program meets your expectations by evaluating your basic fitness level in order to help you make progress and effectively transform your body. Working out regularly will get you results in minimum time. Having a personal training program to guide you will keep you motivated.

personalized workout program

Our personalized workout programs meet the expectations of both men and women.

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We have personalized workout programs for everyone

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete, anyone can take care of their body by improving their physical fitness. Our  personalized workout programs give you solutions that are adapted to suit you.

Make progress

Personalizing your training program means changing the intensity and difficulty of the exercises according to your athletic ability. But because you want to make progress, your workout shouldn’t become an easy routine, either. Each workout should be enjoyable but also push you beyond your limits. That’s why evaluating your physical potential is vital. Regular evaluations enable your online workout program to efficiently give you a program that will help you make progress over the long term.
Your workout program to get back in shape is created to suit you. You’ll then discover your new physical abilities that will improve your everyday life.

Get the advice of a trainer

A personalized training program gives you customized fitness tracking thanks to the tips of the online fitness trainer. The trainer will guide you as you make progress and motivate you on a daily basis to help push you forward. Thanks to the trainer, you’ll stay motivated no matter what.

You’ll discover exercises with detailed descriptions and explanations from the personal trainer to help you effectively work your muscles. With the trainer’s guidance, you’ll do the exercises correctly in order to avoid injury.

Your online personal trainer can guide you by answering any questions you may have. Thanks to your trainer’s advice, you’ll be well prepared to sculpt your body in just a few weeks.

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Get a complete workout program

Which exercises should you do? How often should you do them? Our personalized workout programs are designed to make working out easier and effectively help you make progress.

Short and intense exercises

Effective workouts don’t necessarily have to be long. You risk significantly damaging your muscles if they are. In fact, after one hour of exercise, the stress hormone cortisol begins to break down your muscles. That’s why a 20-minute workout every other day will give you better results than a 1-hour workout every week. Working out regularly is an essential key to improving your physical fitness over the long term.

Your exercises should be short and intense like the ones used in the HIIT method. Using this method, you do one exercise after the other with short rest times. Do as many repetitions as you can every time you do each exercise. For example, sprint in place for 30 seconds, rest for 15 seconds then continue with the next exercise.

Our personalized workout programs enable you to get in back in shape wherever you are and whenever you want because they don’t require any equipment. All exercises are done using only your body weight.

Strength training, cardio and abs: the magic formula

Strength training using your body weight builds your functional strength, which you use every day when you push, carry, lift and jump. You’ll also improve your balance and posture because you’ll be able to lift and support your body weight. Your muscles work opposite one another in order to create muscle balance. For example, push-ups can complement squats.

The strength training in your personalized training program comes with cardio exercises to help you melt fat. They make your body burn a significant amount of calories, which explains their “fat-burning” effect. In addition to losing weight, you’ll build endurance as you strengthen your cardiovascular system. Running jacks are a great way to improve your breathing as you burn calories. All you need to do is run in place as you lift your arms over your head. Bring your arms over your head by making a semicircle in the air.

Don’t forget to work your abs. A complete training program gives you a variety of exercises to build all your ab muscles. Oblique crunches can be followed by a core-strengthening exercise like the elbow plank. This works your deep ab muscles in addition to your other ab muscles.

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Get started with FizzUp to immediately get the benefits of a customized training program. FizzUp is an online personal trainer that evaluates your physical potential in order to create your personalized workout program. Tips and encouragement from the trainer are essential to support the progress you’ll make.

Stop wondering how to put together your workouts. Let FizzUp do it for you. Get your sneakers on and get complete fitness tracking. You’ll build muscle by doing short and intense workouts using your body weight. We’ve thought of everything to help you make overall progress in every aspect of getting fit. Take care of your muscles and increase your flexibility with a warm-up and stretching session that are also included in your workout.

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