Get to know us!
Get to know us!

Since our creation in 2011 in Alsace, France, we’ve tried to stray from what we see as negative aspects of modern fitness (guilt, body-shaming, cults) and focus solely on making fitness enhance people’s lives. By staying an authentic, close-knit, independent, and self-financed company, we’ve brought together 10 million users across 130 countries and 13 languages. FizzUp has over 200 training programs, 1500 video-demonstrated exercises, and nutritional guidance with homemade healthy meals.

100% personalized coaching

FizzUp gives you short, effective, and creative training sessions to stay motivated. Our coaching adapts to the goals, training level, physical capacities, gender, and age of every user. Whether it’s for building muscle, getting a chiseled six-pack, improving cardio, gaining flexibility, calming down with yoga, or even working on mobility, we tailor our training and get you smashing your goals in just 6 weeks!

From training to nutrition

Having gotten close to 10 million people into fitness, we decided to establish FizzUp nutrition to help guide people through their diet meal by meal. Created through our partnership with a well-established caterer in Montpellier and specializing in high-quality healthy meals, FizzUp Nutrition delivers nutritious meals adapted to your nutrition requirements directly to your home every week. Our meals are homemade, balanced, and contain fresh, in-season, tasty ingredients, prepared in an environmentally-friendly manner.

We’ve created perfect meals to fuel your training while making life easier.*

*FizzUp Nutrition is only available in France

How everything started…

Julien is the founder of FizzUp. From an early age, he’s been on one big mission: helping people to live happily and healthily. Raised in the rough neighborhoods of Mulhouse, he found an escape through fitness, excelling in different sports and forms of training.

He created his first company at the age of 20. Passionate about digital tech and fitness, he studied sports science to help him build a 100% digital method to train at home.

In 2010, he met his two future business partners: Gilles, an e-marketing expert, and Hervé, a computer engineer, with whom he founded his company on the 11th of July 2011. The trio started searching for fitness trainers and experts. Joining the start-up incubator Semia, they collaborated with researchers in the sports physiology and medicine sectors to develop FizzUp.

FizzUp has received numerous awards, including the prestigious Innovative Technology Company Award from the Minister of Higher Education and Research. In April 2013, the first version of the platform was launched, and the adventure began…


Who’s who?

At FizzUp we put community first! Simplicity, accessibility, kindness, and diligence are our key values. More than a company, we’re a true family. There’s no boss, managers, or employees… just a solid, dedicated team that takes joy in working and growing together.

Maria is FizzUp’s first female dev! She excels in her field and is familiar with the French accent in English 😉 Her Slavic touch is perfect for enriching the company’s musical playlists.
Audrey joined the dev team to retrain in tech. Before that? A thesis and research in the field of museums. That’s it. And an unwavering commitment to promoting women not only in tech, but also in sport. Audrey, you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to Audrey.
All roads lead to a developer’s office in Colmar! After working as a baker, a market gardener and traveling all around the world, Victor has joined our team!
First an intern, then a student apprentice in the marketing department, Ornella, who is passionate about workout, is making her way thanks to her determination (and her muscles 😉 ).
She’s the most French Scot you’ll ever meet! Passionate about running, Kirsty manages operations and overlooks her team of developers with a master hand.
An entrepreneur at heart and very open-minded, he’s the person leading FizzUp, always attentive to the team and ensuring they progress.
An Olympic finalist, Inène learned what it took to make it to the big leagues. With her mission accomplished, she now motivates the FizzUp community just as much as the team with new training and content.
The team’s no1 guy for finding digital solutions to any problem in the app (and he even sometimes does the office plumbing!). He also always has a good number of puns up his sleeve.
A rare gem who skillfully manages everything for the team (even preparing crepes and sandwiches for everyone at 5 in the morning!)
A jack-of-all-trades and outdoor sports enthusiast, our product manager takes on product interface challenges. He investigates, identifies and dissects the uses to offer an optimal experience to users.
With a golden FizzUp rhythm, his secret is that short training sessions every day are the key to fitness longevity. He’s one of the best iOS developers, along with Michael, of course 😉
A long-time member of the FizzUp team, he’s a quiet master of backend tech. He also has the best body transformation out of all of us!
As well as being a keyboard ace for the development team, he has a side hustle in music production. He also introduced calisthenics training to the office.
From the South of France, he’s a regular at the office gym. He’s also a marketing master – thanks to him you get all your important information by e-mail or in-app notification.
A quiet yet brilliant product design expert. When she’s out of the office, she likes spending time with her pet dog and horse.
He lifts weights, eats heaps of lentils, and develops our app on Android. It’s no wonder he’s transformed his body so well.
We’ll leave his age a mystery to you. What we can tell you is that fitness keeps him looking young. After working as a cabinetmaker, he changed his career and launched himself into tech. Hats off to him!
The first-ever person to try out the FizzUp app, Jessica tests all our workout programs (and also helps with administrative tasks and accounting).
Whether for Android or iOS, he’s passionate about programming and development. For fun (or maybe to avoid a few chores), he once created a vacuum cleaner robot!

Let’s also not forget all our other team members like our excellent interns and mentors.

Real people and real coaches

Passionate about movement, she created her own Fusion workout discipline. She mixes functional movement, dance, Floor-Barre, and yoga. She gets you working out in a totally new way. She’s a hybrid girl!
Having formerly been stuck to a chair in an office job, Pascaline knows the obstacles life can put in the way of fitness! She became a yoga teacher, seeking to make the practice more accessible and popular for the general public.
A true pace-setter, his sessions are a pleasure to partake in. Thomas is an expert in leading group sessions, and you’ll know why when you do them.
Another former high-level athlete who now solely specializes in strength training. For him, a strong and healthy body can take you anywhere you want.
Specializing in fitness well-being and having studied kinesiology, for her the body is a form of expression. She pushes you to exert yourself in a safe manner, always keeping in tune with your body.
Passionate about movement, she combines different training disciplines to get the most out of everything. She’s strong, fit, flexible, and elegant. She strays from the crowd and she encourages you to go your own way too.
A true jack of all trades, she’s determined to get you having a blast with fitness. She’s got a special way to make you sweat without you even realizing you’re working out.
A specialist in cross-training and former high-level athlete in combat sports, his strong points lie in his ability to teach!
Stéphanie’s been a group-training specialist for years. She keeps expanding her fitness knowledge, particularly towards more gentle forms of training like pilates.
He’ll be sure to get your muscles firing! Geoffroy gives you brilliantly designed workouts with options for all levels to get everyone moving and having fun.

We are also strengthening our commitments

We admit that we initially wanted to be an American-style start-up. The world around us seemed to have influenced our mindset. We raised funds, boosted our growth, etc… But this frantic race from the start wore us down and even put us off. This wasn’t who we were.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”


We decided to disassociate ourselves from extreme capitalism by becoming independent. We stopped running after growth and started focusing solely on quality and the satisfaction of our users. We reinvested all our profits into our organization, we strive for perfect equality between men and women (it’s 2 women who actually run the company), equal salary, respecting providers, and we have a strong agenda to protect the environment… Here there’s no stress, strain, illusions, and excessive ambitions, just the will to do things RIGHT, and you can feel it.

Protecting the environment

Respecting the environment is a massive ambition here at FizzUp. In all our projects and actions we take into account the environment. Like with fitness, we’re the change we want to see in the world, and we back up our commitments with action: the buying of office supplies (we avoid less environmentally-friendly retailers), using public transport or bikes, sorting our trash, using less energy, not printing paper. We also organize our team-building activities as close to nature as possible: mountains, lakes, or forests.

Closing thoughts

We are a small French company and we want to live life just like you, by using FizzUp every day and managing our company ourselves: it’s who we are!

When you use FizzUp, you become part of our family and values. You look after yourself, but also us too. You support the commitments that let us create a better world together 🙂

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