Workout Programs for Getting Back In Shape

Being in shape requires regular physical activity that’s adapted to suit your fitness level. A workout program to get back in shape will guide you through this process so that you can effectively make fitness progress that lasts.


To successfully get back in shape, start a workout program that will guide and motivate you.

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Physical changes when getting back in shape

There are many advantages to a workout program to get back in shape, which enable you to develop the vital qualities you need for good overall health.


A circuit training program that’s right for you builds your strength as it develops your musculature by working all your body’s muscles. You’ll work various muscle groups to sculpt a coordinated physique.

You’ll also improve your power, which is your ability to develop maximum strength in minimum time and a vital quality for any sports activity.


In addition to building your strength, circuit training builds your cardiovascular endurance. As you work your body’s muscles, you increase your heart rate when doing exercises in sets that target a specific area of your body. With better breathing, you’ll improve your athletic performance. 

Abs and posture strengthening 

A comprehensive workout program to get back in shape includes an abs workout to improve your posture by strengthening your abs and back. By taking better care of your posture on a day-to-day basis, you’ll stop experiencing back pain.

With plank exercises, you’ll solidly strengthen your core as you tone all the muscles in your body.

Get into a push-up position with your forearms on the floor. Come up onto your toes to get into a perfectly straight plank position. Keep your head aligned with your back (not lifted or lowered). To do this exercise perfectly, avoid lifting your glutes. Hold this position for 30 seconds to begin with. With training, you’ll quickly begin to do longer abs workouts.

Be in shape thanks to exercise

There’s no doubt about it… it takes a personalized workout program to feel good in your own skin. Regular physical activity that’s adapted to suit your goals actively contributes to your overall well-being.

Which Fitness activity should you do?

Your body should be your ally in your daily life, not your enemy. A training program to get back in shape enables you to build functional strength (the strength you use in everyday life to push, carry and lift objects). Your body weight is your only dumbbell. The advantage of a training program like this is that it’s adapted to suit your needs so that you can make maximum progress. 20 minutes a day is all you need for maximum effectiveness, because the workout is adapted to suit you. Forget the hours spent running. You’ll get better results with a workout routine based on HIIT.

Circuit training is a simple and fun method to getting back in shape and will get you maximum results in minimum time. It involves repeating a series of exercises several times with short rest periods. You’ll do a set number of jumping jacks followed by a set number of squats and push-ups, and so on. Once the first circuit of exercises is completed, you simply repeat the circuit.

Get back in shape and get in a good mood

Exercise has a calming effect on your body. During exercise, your body secretes serotonin and endorphins that have a positive effect on your mood. They help reduce stress and anxiety. 

Restful sleep also guarantees a good mood. Just exercise for better sleep? Strange, but true! Exercise to get back in shape relaxes you and regulates your internal clock for peaceful sleep. However, make sure to stop exercising three hours before bed, because physical activity can have the opposite effect and act as a stimulant.

Stay in shape with FizzUp 

FizzUp online personal training brings together all these advantages in a single and comprehensive training program to get back in shape. Workouts are entirely adapted to suit your current physical fitness level using regular evaluations. Thanks to this circuit training method, you can work out wherever and whenever you want, on your mobile device with the FizzUp application or on your computer with the website. Keep up your motivation with encouragement from the FizzUp trainer and a variety of exercises. You’ll quickly get back muscle tone, strength and endurance when you follow the trainer’s daily advice. Now you can let FizzUp be your guide as you get back in shape and make effective progress.

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