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Carelessly doing sets of crunches is now a thing of the past. Now that you’ve decided to get lasting and visible results, are you ready to start an abs workout program? A complete and personalized workout program will help you reach your goal.

abs programs

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Which exercises should you do? 

Here are the must-do exercises in high-quality abs programs that will sculpt your stomach and get you back in shape.


To work your abs efficiently, there’s nothing better than crunches, which you do with a set number of repetitions and sets. If you’re familiar with the “traditional” crunch, you should also know that there are many different variations to break up your routine.  

Lie on your back and do reverse crunches to effectively work your lower abs. Bend and lift your knees so that your thighs are perpendicular to the floor. Exhale slowly as you bring your knees toward your face.


Our abs programs also include core-strengthening exercises. They strengthen your abs and back to tone your overall midsection. When you do a core-strengthening exercise, you hold a certain position either with or without moving. You’ll work your deep muscles like the transverse abdominis to get you a flat stomach, guaranteed.

Core-strengthening exercises are easy to do and don’t require any equipment. For example, plank exercises start in a push-up position. Place your forearms on the floor and come up onto your toes. Keep your back straight. Hold this position for 30 seconds to begin with, then hold the position for a longer duration of time when you’ve made more progress.

A few things to keep in mind if you want visible abs

Abs are muscles in the abdominal wall that play a vital role in holding your organs inside your abdomen, helping you keep a good posture and even making breathing easier. Before you begin strengthening these muscles, you need to learn the right technique to use.

Building strength and cardiovascular endurance

To be truly effective, abs programs need to include strength training exercises that work your entire body to build your strength and power. Transform your physique in the comfort of your own home by using the application to access your online workout program. Its effectiveness depends on the method used. Circuit training, which repeats a series of exercises in minimum time with short rest times, consistently builds your musculature. Working out using your body weight builds your functional strength (the strength you use on a daily basis to push, jump, carry and lift). High-intensity workouts complete circuit training for the ultimate slimming effect.

Strength training includes workouts to get you back in shape with cardio exercises, which build your endurance and help you lose weight. You’ll burn fat by doing short and intense exercises. These training methods are perfect to complete our abs programs that will give you a coordinated physique.

What not do

Rushing headlong into a set of crunches won’t get you results if you don’t follow a few basic rules.

Always engage your transverse abdominis by pulling in your stomach during an exercise. If you release it, not only will you not strengthen your abs, but you’ll also risk pushing against your pelvic floor organs (your reproductive organs and bladder). What’s more, if you forget to breathe during exercise, you’ll prevent your diaphragm from moving upward, forcing your organs to move downward toward the pelvic floor even more.

These oversights can cause serious health problems. But there’s no need to panic. Your trainer is here to help you do the exercises correctly in our abs programs.

The FizzUp program for abs of steel

Wherever you are, FizzUp is there to help you reach your goal using an online training program. Bringing together the effectiveness of core-strengthening and crunches, each workout gives you a variety of abs exercises to keep you motivated and get you visible results in just six weeks.

The FizzUp trainer explains how to do each exercise in detail and gives you advice to avoid any risk of injury. Your abs workout program is completely personalized thanks to regular evaluations. It’s adapted to suit your current fitness level and goal.

FizzUp training includes exercises to build your strength and cardiovascular endurance in our abs programs for fast and effective progress. FizzUp develops all these athletic qualities for overall good health and real results. The variety included in your workout will keep you motivated and focused on improving your entire body, not just your abs. These workouts will gradually and evenly sculpt and tone your muscles.

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