HIIT Training

Created for people with hectic schedules, HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is a short training method made up of high-intensity exercises and periods of active rest, getting you maximum results in minimum time.


Try HIIT, a short and intense training method that burns fat.

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What’s HIIT?

HIIT makes it possible for you to work out wherever you are because the exercises don’t require any equipment. You only use your body weight to build muscle. You can access your work program directly online using our application or website.

High-intensity exercises

Designed based on intensity and repetition, HIIT involves alternating between high-intensity exercises, such as jumping jacks, squats, burpees and mountain climbers, and short rest periods. You’ll repeat a series of exercises for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds between each exercise. These exercises evenly work all of your body’s muscles.

The duration of HIIT workouts has to be short because of the incredibly intense exercises. Workouts are followed by a rest day to help your muscles and body recover from the energy that HIIT strongly requires from your muscles and cardiovascular system.
HIIT is a method to get back in shape that anyone can use. It’s a fun and effective cornerstone of any workout program, for men or for women.

The Tabata method

According to a survey conducted by the The American College of Sports Medicine taken by 3,800 professional athletes, HIIT has been one of the biggest fitness trends in the last two years, in addition to equipment-free workouts.

Japanese researcher Izumi Tabata developed a study to show how HIIT effectively builds cardiorespiratory endurance. It improves your ability to train anaerobically (without oxygen) and aerobically (with oxygen).

HIIT and everyday life

HIIT improves your quality of daily life by building your strength and endurance. You’ll build functional strength, which is the strength you need every day to move, jump, push, pull and carry objects.

The advantages of HIIT

Consistently doing HIIT on a daily basis has many significant advantages for your health. It strengthens your cardiovascular system and quickly increases your heart rate to help you get used to working out intensively. Not only does it make you stronger and more powerful, but it also improves your breathing.

Training to lose weight after your workout

HIIT melts fat because it makes your body burn more calories. The short and intense exercises that make up this workout method trigger excess fat burning both during the workout and for several hours after. This effect is known as EPOC (excess post­-exercise oxygen consumption). Once you’ve finished your workout, your body needs to recover from the intense exercise it just went through. That’s why your metabolism continues to burn fat. This is how you keep losing weight even after you finish your workout.

HIIT, FizzUp style

As an online personal trainer, FizzUp has included the benefits of HIIT in its personalized workout program so that you can take advantage of a fitness expert’s advice and stop feeling alone and completely helpless. In an effort to provide you with complete fitness guidance, you can do your FizzUp HIIT workout at any time of the day and wherever you are thanks to the FizzUp application or a simple Internet connection. Workouts are equipment-free. All you need is your body weight to build muscle.

Your FizzUp personal trainer tracks your progress every day and gives you advice to effectively get back in shape. Using several fitness evaluations of your physical potential, your FizzUp training program is adapted to suit your fitness level and goals for fast progress guaranteed. Working out regularly with the FizzUp trainer is sure to get you incredible results. To keep you motivated, FizzUp offers you a variety of exercises.

You’ll quickly reach your goals by following the FizzUp fitness training program. Get free workouts when you try FizzUp.

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