Full-Body Muscle-Building Programs

Want to build your body’s entire musculature? By doing the bodyweight workouts in our full-body muscle-building programs, you’ll work all of your muscles at home and without any equipment to get coordinated and balanced results.

full-body muscle-building program

With our full-body muscle-building programs, you’ll get a coordinated physique and defined muscle tone.

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Full-body programs to build muscle from head to toe

Our full-body muscle-building programs work different muscle groups several times a week to build your coordinated physique. Your muscles work synergistically with no-equipment exercises to prevent muscle and posture imbalance, often caused by using weight machines.

Why you’ll love the full-body muscle-building programs

Whether you want to try a new muscle-building method or are just beginning, you’ll love our full-body workouts. They significantly work your metabolism to help you make fast progress. You’ll be able to lift and support the weight of your body in different positions. You’ll learn all about the basics, like doing movements that will protect your back, help you lose weight and effectively build muscle. You’ll melt body fat to get lean body mass.

You’ll build a shredded and ripped musculature in minimum time by repeating series of exercises. 20-minute workouts are enough to enhance your physique. The HIIT method is great for working your entire body.

Your full-body muscle-building programs should be adapted to suit your physical fitness level by giving you workouts with exercises you can actually do in order to develop your body to its full physical potential. With personalized workouts, your program takes your abilities into account as you receive tips from a fitness trainer.

What effects will it have on your body?

Our full-body muscle-building programs require you to repeat several exercises with very short rest periods, significantly working your cardiovascular system. This involves all of your muscle groups: thighs, pecs, arms and abs. You’ll build your muscular endurance and improve your breathing at the same time. High-intensity exercises (HIIT) require significant effort from your muscle fibers, which increases strength. That’s how you’ll gain muscle volume.

You’ll also become more skilled at quickly changing positions. You’ll improve your agility and coordination every day. At the same time, you’ll build your ab muscles to get a flat six-pack.

Can you name the happiness hormones? During your workout, you secret the hormones dopamine, serotonin and endorphins, which give you energy and put you in a better mood. You’ll have fun building muscle, guaranteeing maximum progress.

A closer look at our full-body muscle-building programs

You’ll stay motivated by building muscle at home and at any time of the day that works best for you. Which exercises does your muscle-building program include? How do you do them correctly? What exactly is a full-body muscle-building program?

Bodyweight exercises

By using the natural weight that is your body, you’ll limit the risk of injury and make life easier to build muscle. Bodyweight exercises teach you to control your body and to know what it can and can’t do, all while pushing your own limits. Your body weight creates enough resistance to effectively work your musculature. You’ll do movements that are similar to those you do in your daily life, improving your functional strength. You use your functional strength every day to carry your groceries, open a jar of jam, pick up a child from the floor and even push and pull objects.

You’ll be impressed with how effective the burpee exercise is. With each repetition, you work your arms, shoulders, pecs, thighs, the backs of your thighs and your abs. Start in the squat position. Place your hands on the floor, then jump your feet backward to come to a plank position, then do a push-up. Straighten your arms, then jump your feet back to come to the squat position. Next, jump as high as you can. Make sure bend your knees to soften your landing. This will strengthen your muscles and burn fat. You can even add pull-ups and push-ups to this exercise.

Why recovery is important? 

Recovery is a vital part of your full-body muscle-building program that you shouldn’t overlook. Your muscles reconstruct, and therefore build muscle mass, during recovery. That’s why it’s important to always have a rest day between workouts in order to guarantee optimal recovery and really make progress. Your muscles need at least 48 hours of rest to recover from the effort of exercise.    

This is called anabolism, a natural chemical process that affects your muscles and repairs your muscle tissue. You shouldn’t overlook this part of your full-body muscle-building program. If you don’t give your cells and tissue the time they need to recover, your future workouts will be useless, or even counterproductive. What’s worse, you’ll increase your risk of injury. So that’s why you should remember to stay hydrated and get restful sleep so that your muscles can recover under the best possible conditions.

Get a shredded and ripped body with the FizzUp full-body muscle-building programs

Use the FizzUp online fitness trainer to adapt your muscle-building program to suit your fitness level. It will design your workouts using regular evaluations that take your needs and goals into account. The FizzUp muscle-building program is equipment-free and enables you to build your muscles wherever you are, just by opening the FizzUp application or logging in to the website.

The FizzUp trainer guides you so that no area of your body is left unworked. You’ll quickly build your musculature with only 20-minute workouts every other day. Working out regularly is the key to making progress. Revolutionize your idea of muscle building thanks to the FizzUp full-body program.

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