Ideal Weight For Women

Are you a woman who wants to calculate her ideal weight? If you’re overweight, there are many ways to tell if your health is in danger or not. However, they don’t take important factors into account, such as body shape. This means that the result gives you a general idea but never truly reflects how healthy you are. Trust how you feel personally; that’s how you’ll find the weight at which you feel your best and most physically fit. This is how you find your healthy body weight.


Stop being afraid of your scale; your ideal weight depends on who you are and how you feel in your own body.

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Is the ideal weight for women a common misconception?

Above all, your ideal weight for women depends on how you feel, not on a formula. You should be at a weight that’s optimal for your health and your ability to move; it’s the weight at which you feel your best. It shouldn’t slow you down. There really isn’t any standard weight.

Your BMI: a simple indicator

The body mass index (BMI) is the most common indicator to estimate how healthy you are based on your weight. The estimate then needs to be further adapted to you because it has certain threshold values ranging from “underweight” to “normal” to “overweight”. Going from one percentage to another doesn’t clearly or reliably determine if you’ve reached your ideal weight or not. In fact, formulas don’t take certain factors into account that can greatly influence your results.

The psychological variable for the ideal weight for women

Ideal weights vary from woman to woman because different women have different needs. To determine your ideal weight for women, you should ask yourself what your goals are. Do you want to lose weight? Lose stomach fat? Lose thigh fat? Lose hip fat? Do you want to tone muscles all over your body? You should have a clear idea of what you want to change or improve. In fact, your ideal weight is the weight at which you feel your best and is called your “healthy body weight”. It takes both your physical and physiological health into account. Your body shouldn’t stop you from taking on projects or doing certain movements in your everyday life.

That’s why your ideal weight is close to your healthy body weight, which is your optimal weight, enabling you to feel more comfortable in your own body, marked by more muscle and less fat. The only way you can reach this level of physical fitness is by being physically active on a regular basis and eating a balanced diet.

Keys to reaching your ideal weight for women

To reach your ideal weight for women, you need determination, consistency and effective workouts.

The effectiveness of circuit training

You should be doing full-body strength training in addition to changing your diet and getting into new habits. Circuit training is an impressive method for losing excess fat because the exercises require your body to use significantly more energy. By intensively working your muscles, you’ll get more satisfying results in only 20 minutes than after one hour of running. You’ll do several series of exercises with short rest periods. For example, you can repeat a series of five exercises four times. For 20 seconds, you’ll do as many repetitions as you can for each exercise, then you’ll have 10 seconds to rest, and so on. You’ll effectively sculpt your body and reach your ideal weight for women.

Cardio exercises

Your workout to get in shape needs to work your entire body in order to eliminate fat stored in all areas of your body. You’ll only get targeted results by losing weight throughout your entire body. Specific exercises for weight loss should be included in your workouts in order to have an impact on your body. A workout program will help you lose weight and reach your healthy body weight. Cardio exercises are used to eliminate your fat reserves by intensely working your cardiovascular system. There’s nothing better to improve your endurance and your weight.

The square jump is a fun cardio exercise that will boost how many calories you burn. Get in the squat position with your thighs perpendicular to your calves. Keep your back straight and your buttocks pushed outward. Push up off the ground to jump to the left. Land first on the balls of your feet to protect your back. Repeat the exercise as you jump in the shape of a square.

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FizzUp the health expert is here to help you reach your ideal weight for women by getting you to have a dynamic and athletic attitude. FizzUp fitness training saves you time and money thanks to a no-equipment strength training method. You can stop going to a gym to get the advice of a fitness trainer; the trainer comes to you thanks to our mobile application for tablets and smartphones.

Your FizzUp trainer is always there to encourage you and answer any questions you may have. You can adapt your fitness tracking to suit your fitness level and goals. FizzUp wants to make working out fun for you. That’s why you’ll always find a variety of exercises. Stop relying on your scale to reach your ideal weight. Just trust your FizzUp fitness trainer.

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