Calculate Your Ideal Weight

Do you want to know how to calculate your ideal weight? Remember that your ideal weight is entirely subjective. It shouldn’t depend on a mathematical formula, but on how you feel in your own body. There are some indicators that can give you an approximate healthy weight, but the way you calculate these indicators is still limiting. Let’s set the record straight with these methods that calculate your weight in order to help you find and reach your ideal weight.


Forget about the scale and trust how you feel in your own body.

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How to calculate your ideal weight

Calculating your ideal weight involves simply knowing yourself, your physical fitness level and your goals. “Ideal” is something that’s impalpable and imaginary. Keep in mind that you’re the only person who can determine your ideal weight according to how you feel in your own body.

Your ideal weight depends on how fit you are

The best and most precise technique to find out your ideal weight is to get closer to your healthy body weight. You reach your healthy body weight when you’re physically fit by building muscle and burning fat. This weight varies according to each person’s body shape, but one thing is certain: when you reach your healthy body weight, you’ll know it, and best of all, you’ll feel it every day! Remember to work out to lose weight so that you can reach your ideal weight.

One indicator can help you know if you’ve reached your healthy body weight or not. For men, the more toned and visible your abs are, the better in shape you’ll be. For women, the more you see the outline of your abdomen and ribcage, the flatter your stomach and more coordinated your physique will be. A skinfold caliper can give you your approximate body fat percentage and tell you if you possibly need to lose weight.

Everyone has their own ideal weight

To calculate your ideal weight, you first need to decide what your goal actually is. From an aesthetic point of view, if you want to be muscular, you’ll be closer to your ideal weight when you’ve gained a few kilos or pounds on the scale in muscle mass. However, if you want to lose weight, you’ll be closer to your ideal weight when you’ve lost a few kilos or pounds. Remember that there are exercises for weight loss and/or muscle gain to help you reach these different goals.

Now you should understand that your ideal weight depends on you and the goal you’ve set for yourself. It can vary just like your lifestyle, according to life events or your age.

Other ways to calculate your ideal weight

The fact is, it’s impossible to calculate your ideal weight. As proof, there are several formulas that are supposed to help you calculate it. These formulas are all based on different criteria and won’t help you reach a consensus. That’s why you can use these formulas as indicators, but don’t consider them to be completely accurate. The best way to calculate your ideal weight is to know yourself and the weight at which you feel your best both physically and mentally.

Several criteria for calculating your ideal weight

There are three main formulas you can use to calculate your ideal weight:

  • Lorentz formula: The formula takes sex, height and weight into account.
  • Creff formula: This formula includes criteria such as height, age and body shape (small, average, broad).
  • Monnerot-Dumaine formula: This formula takes skeletal structure into account by including height and the circumference of the wrist.

The results you get may vary.

Your BMI: an indication of your health

The body mass index is used by the World Health Organization (WHO). It assesses a person’s “fatness” in both men and women, as well as possible health risks. This index only applies to adults who are 18 to 65 years old. It’s calculated by dividing your body weight by your height squared. The WHO has established threshold values according to each BMI result. This is how you can tell if your BMI is “normal”, or if you’re underweight, overweight or obese. Once again, this is just an index that gives you an approximate ideal weight.

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