How to Lose Belly Fat

How can you lose belly fat? A protruding belly is a sign of a high-calorie diet and lack of physical activity. When your body is inactive, it stores excess calories, which leads to an unsightly spare tire around your middle. Reach your healthy body weight and get a flat stomach fast using a workout program.  

get a flat and toned stomach

There’s nothing like plank exercises to get a flat and toned stomach

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Target your healthy body weight

In order to improve your health and overall physical fitness, you must burn fat. Mainly concentrated around the stomach, fat shouldn’t curb your desire to be physically active. Physical activity is what enables you to reach your healthy body weight, the weight at which you feel your best. So, what can you do to lose stomach fat? Take back control over your body!

Cardio exercises to lose belly fat

You don’t need to calculate your ideal weight. Just get active! Exercises to lose weight exist; they’re called cardio exercises. They make your body burn more calories during exercise, which melts your fat reserves. They also work your cardiovascular system significantly, building your heart muscle as well as your endurance. This reduces your risk of cardiovascular diseases linked to excess weight around the abdomen. Short and intense cardio exercises burn your excess fat. EPOC (excess post­-exercise oxygen consumption) is triggered after a cardio workout, enabling you to continue burning fat for several hours after exercise. It won’t have a lasting impact and you won’t successfully lose belly fat unless you work out regularly and diligently. By working out three to four times a week, you’ll quickly conquer excess belly fat.


The HIIT (high-intensity interval training) method was designed using short and intense workouts. HIIT is particularly effective in helping you lose weight in your stomach because this exercise method triggers high calorie burn and significantly speeds up your metabolism. HIIT workouts never last longer than 20 minutes. This method involves repeating an exercise as many times as you can with very short rest periods. You can easily fit this workout program into your schedule so that you can even get in shape at home. There’s no need for any equipment to do these exercises. All you need is motivation and determination. No more excuses.

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Tone your stomach

In addition to HIIT, you can also do abdominal strength training exercises to flatten your stomach, which give you the “six-pack” effect. Evenly working your abs improves your posture and strengthens your core, which keeps your abdominal muscles tight.

Advantages of a toned stomach

Working your abs tightens your abdominal wall. Prolonged inactivity can cause abdominal muscles to relax. This is often followed by weight gain. Your muscles have stopped doing their job and start becoming harmful to your health. When your abdominal wall is weak, it loses the ability to correctly support your spine, making it more vulnerable. This makes you more prone to back pain. A toned stomach helps you put a stop to back pain with an improved everyday posture.

By regularly doing abs and cardio exercises, you may lose weight in other areas of your body, such as in your hips, thighs or arms. Strengthening your abs also makes your movements more efficient. You’ll feel more agile and have enhanced athletic performance when doing other physical activates.

A toned stomach also has the aesthetic advantage of sculpting a coordinated and attractive physique; a far cry from the one you have with a protruding stomach.

Abs and core strengthening

Strengthen your abdominal wall with fun and easy exercises. You can modify the exercises according to your physical abilities to effectively work your abs without injuring yourself or getting discouraged.

The mountain climber works your deep abs in addition to making you break a sweat. Get in a push-up position on your hands and balls of your feet. Keep your arms and legs straight. Your back should be completely straight with your legs, glutes and head aligned. Bend your left knee and bring it to your left elbow under your chest. Don’t touch the floor. Repeat the movement on the right side.

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You’ll reach your weight-loss goal more easily with the guidance of a health and sports professional. Fizzup online fitness training offers you completely personalized fitness tracking. In fact, your FizzUp workout program is adapted to suit your fitness level and physical abilities so that you can make fast and effective progress.

Your online FizzUp trainer is there to encourage you and is available to answer any questions you may have. To get tips from the trainer, all you need to do is log in to the mobile application.

The FizzUp method includes the effectiveness of HIIT and abs workouts that will help you lose weight in your stomach and build muscle. You’ll improve your physical fitness, making your everyday life more enjoyable.

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