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how to lose fat

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Should you try exercises for losing weight? If getting into new eating habits in order to lose weight is inevitable, then don’t overlook exercise, which has a true slimming effect on your body. A lack of exercise makes you feel tired from one day to the next, that (ironically) you don’t feel during exercise. When you work your muscles regularly, your muscles become more capable of doing intense workouts for longer periods of time. You’ll forget about fatigue and feel great in your own body.

Regular and intelligent physical activity makes losing weight possible with short and intense workouts that last only 20 minutes. You’ll tone up your physique and sculpt your muscles to get the body you’ve always dreamed of.

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How to lose belly fat

To lose belly fat, your weight-loss program must include cardio exercises, which require your body to burn a significant amount of calories. By doing these exercises regularly, they draw on your abdominal fat and make you lose weight. They also trigger EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), which causes your body to burn fat up to 48 hours after exercise. You’ll lose belly fat even while at rest.


Find out how to lose belly fat thanks to FizzUp

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How to lose thigh fat

Starting a workout program will help you lose weight throughout your entire body. Strength training exercises that are right for you will get you visible results in targeted areas of your body. The squat is the perfect exercises to slim down and tone your thighs. You’ll also strengthen your glute muscles. You’ll get glutes that are perky, rounded and made of steel. Exercising to lose thigh fat makes your body happy.


Losing thigh fat is now possible with a personalized workout program.

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Calculating your ideal weight

To calculate your ideal weight, a skinfold caliper will help you visualize how much excess body fat you have as you compare yourself to the ideal weight on the BMI scale. Pinch around your biceps, triceps, shoulder blades and groin. These four baseline areas will help you determine how intense your exercises should be in order to lose body fat and to maintain your ideal weight by regularly doing the strength training exercises included in a personalized training program.

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How to lose hip fat

A workout program that’s adapted to suit your physical fitness and weight-loss goal will help you lose weight. Short and intense exercises will help you eliminate excess fat in areas where your body stores it, like around your hips. With the high-intensity interval training method (HIIT), you’ll do series of exercises with very short rest periods. Exercises are intense and demand significantly more energy from your body. Intense workouts lasting only 20 minutes, three times a week, will help you effectively lose hip fat.

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Exercises for weight loss

You’ll be impressed with our effective cardio exercises for losing weight. They actively work your cardiovascular system and make your body burn a significant amount of calories. When paired with strength training exercises, your program will sculpt your muscles and melt excess body fat. Exercises for weight loss require no special exercise equipment. You only use your body weight to build muscle and lose weight. You’ll develop physical skills like being able to lift, lower, carry and jump with bodyweight exercises. You’ll transform your physique and your everyday life thanks to exercise.


Working out with friends will boost your motivation and help you make fast progress.

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Ideal weight for women

Don’t use the number you see on the scale to determine your ideal weight for women. In order to be in top physical shape, you need to reach your healthy body weight. That’s when your body will feel toned and solid. A fitness trainer can help you find it by giving you a personalized program to get back in shape. Bodyweight exercises will enable you to slim down your physique without any equipment by working several muscles at the same time. You’ll lose weight all over your body and sculpt a coordinated physique.


Don’t forget to stay hydrated during exercise. You’ve almost reached your ideal weight!

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How to get toned arms

The only way you can lose weight in a targeted area is by losing weight all over your body. You need to work your entire body in order to get toned arms. Your fitness trainer helps make this possible by giving you a full-body training program that will actively work your arms. You’ll sculpt your triceps and biceps as you do a variety of personalized exercises. These exercises to get toned arms are effective.


FizzUp will help you firm up your arms using a workout program that targets them specifically.

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Healthy body weight

A full-body training program will help you reach your healthy body weight. It should include strength training exercises using the HIIT method in order to effectively work your muscles in minimum time, cardio exercises to help you lose weight and abdominal exercises to get a sculpted stomach. Besides your healthy body weight, your workout program will have a positive impact on your everyday life as you build a new physique.

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Ideal weight for men

Your healthy body weight should be your ideal weight in terms of how much you weigh. Forget about the formulas to calculate it and trust your overall feeling. Feelings of constant tiredness and unease are often linked to being overweight. Your ideal weight for men is the weight at which you feel at the top of your physical ability. Muscle-building and high-intensity cardio exercises help you eliminate excess body fat and build muscle mass.


Your ideal weight at which you feel your best.

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How to lose cellulite

The fact is, it’s impossible to lose cellulite. However, you can firm and tone up your body using strength training exercises. Doing your workout program regularly will help you make the effects of “orange peel syndrome” disappear. Your trainer will guide you and create a personalized workout schedule that fits perfectly into your everyday life. Just a 20-minute workout every other day is all you need to get satisfying results.


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