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Our online workout programs improve your overall fitness with no-equipment strength training exercises. Forget dumbbells and weight machines. You’ll build muscle using only your body weight and transform your body at home, at any time of the day that works best for you.

online workout programs

Our online workout program enables you to exercise where you want.

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Why should you try our online workout programs?

Working out when you want, at home, work or on vacation with the guidance of a trainer is no longer a luxury that only a select few can enjoy. Now, all you need is an Internet connection to access your personalized workout program.

A customized training program

Our high-quality online workout programs are adapted to suit your fitness level so that you can make maximum progress. They adapt the difficulty of the exercises to your current physical condition to help you effectively get back in shape.

Our online training program revolutionizes your workout experience by offering you a fun and progressive training method. An initial evaluation determines your fitness level in order to customize your program. With a workout that meets your needs, you’ll have fun and stay motivated. Seeing your physical fitness quickly improve will also encourage you to keep going. Only by working out regularly (one workout every other day) will you see effective and fast results. All it takes it just 20 minutes to sculpt your body.

Get back in shape at home

Our online workout programs engage your muscles with functional exercises that don’t require any special equipment. These easy exercises evenly build all your body’s muscles by working several muscle groups synergistically, from your abs to your lower and upper body muscles. You’ll discover original exercises that you can do using only your body weight.

The advantages of online workout programs

Looking to try an online personal training program? We’re sure you’ll want to after you read about the following advantages.

Build strength and endurance

You’ll build endurance whether you’re doing a personalized workout program for women or a personalized workout program for men. Complete fitness tracking will continuously give you cardio exercises to improve your cardiovascular system so that you can start to breathe better. You’ll be able to exercise for longer periods of time because you’ll suffer less from shortness of breath. These exercises are intense so they burn more calories, which helps you lose weight. You’ll melt fat to get visible muscles.

Suicide drills is a cardio and strength training exercise you’ll love because of how effective it is. Take three quick side steps to the right. Touch your right foot with your left hand, then continue the movement by taking three quick side steps to the left.

Your online training program also builds your muscle strength. This is simply the ability to exert force against resistance. You’ll then be able to lift and support your entire body in different positions. With bodyweight exercises, you’ll quickly develop this ability in the comfort of your own home.

Push-ups are also a great exercise. If you’re a beginner, do them on your knees to make the exercise easier.

Your motivation will be unbreakable

Your motivation will stay rock solid with an online training program. And for good reason, because you’ll work out in the environment you choose, where you can stay focused on your own performance and progression and not your neighbor’s. You choose the music to go with your workout and the clothes you like as you exercise at home.

The online fitness trainer tracks your progress and encourages you every day. You can also get answers to any questions you may have for completely personalized fitness monitoring. You can even rely on the online community to encourage and guide you throughout your progress.

You’ll get 10 times the results by staying motivated to work out regularly.

Save money

Our online workout programs are easy on your wallet. You’ll stop investing in special exercise equipment because all you need is your own body weight. You’ll also save time by doing efficient workouts that only last 20 minutes. You decide when is best for you. No more excuses.
For less than €10 a month, you’ll quickly get back in shape and stay that way. You’ll avoid paying for a costly membership and spending extra money on gas by working out at a gym.

Get ripped with the FizzUp online workout programs

You can rely on FizzUp for high-quality online fitness training! The FizzUp online training program is completely personalized according to your goal and needs. The result of several years of research focused on exercise and getting back in shape, this program is a complete fitness tool, perfect for guiding both beginners and athletes. Wherever you are, your fitness trainer tracks your progress and gives you daily advice using the application for mobile phones and tablets. You can also access your program using your computer via our website.

The FizzUp trainer is a valuable guide to help you develop a coordinated physique. You’ll get back your self-confidence as you tone up your muscles once again. With more energy, your sculpted body will become your ally in everyday life.

So what are you waiting for? Try FizzUp now!

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