Stretching Programs

Useful in everyday life, stretching requires no special knowledge or skill. With our stretching programs, your muscles return to their original shape to eliminate cramping caused by exercise. It’s a time to relax and relieve muscle, back and spinal pain. After your workout, you’ll have a peaceful return to rest and release the stress of everyday life. However, you still need know a few techniques for safe and proper stretching.

stretching programs

Eliminate muscle cramps by stretching at the end of your workout.

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What is stretching? 

Stretching is what lengthens your muscles. There are two types: passive stretching and active stretching. Passive stretching stretches the muscle until you feel a slight tension that you hold for a few seconds, without forcing it. Active stretching is dynamic. It involves broad movements using different parts of your body. Warm-ups usually include this type of stretching.

Why should you stretch?

Stretching is a natural movement and is recommended to help you release tension, especially after physical activity. Our stretching programs will lengthen your muscles so that they can return to their original shape and eliminate cramps caused by different exercises that you do.

Stretching your muscles also helps prevent pain by making them more flexible. You’ll avoid muscle cramping and spasms. Taking the time to stretch releases muscle tension you accumulate throughout the day and during your workout.

Stretching after exercise also improves blood flow in your muscles. This makes it easier for your muscles to receive necessary nutrients, which helps your muscles recover. Above all, stretching is a time to relax your body and mind. By focusing on your body, you’ll turn your attention away from outside problems. You’ll be relaxed and ready to take on the days ahead.

How should you stretch? 

Follow a few instructions to stretch carefully. To start, you should move gently. Don’t force yourself under any circumstances. Pain isn’t the sign of a stretch well done. Practice them first so that you’re sure to be doing the movements correctly. Hold the positions for the exact time indicated, and don’t forget to stretch both your left and right side. Don’t stretch if you’re injured. This will only make the injury worse. Don’t forget to rest between each stretch. Our online stretching programs are the perfect way to make the most of the trainer’s instructions and advice.

The benefits of stretching

Our stretching programs have several benefits that improve your physical condition and your physical fitness.

Get relaxed

When you hold certain positions for long durations of time, your muscles become tense, just as they do after an intense workout. Your muscles will return to their original shape with a few stretches. That’s how stretching eliminates tension you accumulate. It really is a time to relax and soothe your muscles.

Stretching is an activity to get you back in shape in every sense of the word, when you do it in addition to regular physical activity. This should be adapted to suit your initial physical abilities and your goal, whether you’re male or female. Stretching can also be done with strength training exercises to improve your overall physical health. When you stretch at the end of your workout, you’ll experience a peaceful return to rest. You’ll relax and be in an overall improved state of well-being.

Forget about back pain

Bad posture is generally what causes back pain. When you sit for several hours straight, your shoulders roll forward, your back hunches and the back of your neck curves forward. High-intensity strength training exercises paired with our stretching programs will relieve your back by improving your posture.

Your quads, lumbar muscles, hip flexors and glutes are muscles that work together to hold a specific position. Stretching them regularly after a workout will stop your back pain. Harvard Medical School confirms the importance of stretching to relieve back pain: “An exercise program designed to stretch and strengthen your back and core muscles can help you heal from a bout of acute back pain and help prevent a repeat episode. Supple, well-stretched muscles are less prone to injury, while less flexible muscles and connective tissues restrict joint mobility, which increases the likelihood of sprains and strains.”

Give yourself a moment to relax with the FizzUp stretching programs

For complete guidance during your stretching session, think FizzUp. This online personal trainer tells you which movements to do, when to do them and calculates how long you should hold and rest between each stretch.

FizzUp goes even further by giving you the possibility to do your stretching programs along with a workout program to get back in shape. You’ll do something good for your whole body as you strengthen several muscular chains using bodyweight exercises that don’t require any equipment. You’ll build muscle using only the weight of your own body. You’ll build functional strength (the strength you use on a daily basis) and develop better balance and coordination. FizzUp personal training makes life more enjoyable by improving your physical fitness.

You’ll get tips from the FizzUp trainer at home thanks to a simple Internet connection. YOU decide at what time of the day you want to stretch. These effective stretching programs will get you fast results. Get stretching with FizzUp now.

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