Back Pain Relief

Back pain is the worst, especially if it’s never-ending. How should you react to it? And above all, how can you get back pain relief? Here are a few simple tricks to put an end to back pain and get moving again.

Relieve back pain

Get back pain relief with strength training exercises and stretching.

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Exercise to get back pain relief

Identifying the cause of your back pain will help you come up with a plan of action. In fact, physical inactivity is your back’s worst enemy. Learn how to strengthen and relax your back with a full-body muscle-building program. Robert Kell, a physiology professor at the University of Alberta, Canada, conducted a study on 240 men and women suffering from chronic back pain. According to him, “While it could be assumed that someone with back pain should not be exercising frequently, our findings show that working with weights four days a week provides the greatest amount of pain relief and quality of life”.

Strength training exercises

The best strength training method is one that’s equipment-free, which prevents more severe postural imbalance caused by using certain weight machines. In fact, these machines can weaken your back. There are simple exercises you can do to tone your back using just your body weight. This will give you the ability to lift and support your entire body in different positions. This full-body training method helps you build functional strength in all of your body’s muscles, making your everyday life easier.

The Arlaud movement works to straighten your shoulders and back. It effectively fights against rounded shoulders. Remember to try the rower exercise, which requires you to move as if you were rowing a boat. It strengthens the muscles in your back and arms. Push-ups can also get you back pain relief. They keep your shoulder blades closer together to guarantee better posture.

Our no-equipment muscle-building program will build your strength as you become stronger in your abdominal muscles. You should do core-strengthening exercises along with strength training exercises so that you can improve your posture and eliminate back pain. What’s more, using weight machines is often a cause of back injuries. Not only will you suffer less from back pain, you’ll also get a flat stomach.


Stretching is the easiest and most natural way to get back pain relief. Harvard Medical School confirms the importance of stretching to relieve back pain: “An exercise program designed to stretch and strengthen your back and core muscles can help you heal from a bout of acute back pain and help prevent a repeat episode. Supple, well-stretched muscles are less prone to injury, while less flexible muscles and connective tissues restrict joint mobility, which increases the likelihood of sprains and strains.”

Stretching involves lengthening your muscles in order to improve your flexibility and range of motion in your joints. By stretching regularly, you’re making sure that your muscles are stretched out in addition to maintaining a better posture than the one you have at your office desk. Stretching also helps you fight against stress because it enables you to focus on your body and forget about your everyday worries.

What causes back pain?

There was a time when back pain was linked to aging. Today, one in two people suffer from it before the age of 30. According to a survey conducted in 2000 by the French Consumer Science & Analytics, 27% of men and 36% of women regularly suffer from back pain. In children and adolescents from ages 12 to 19, back pain comes in second, just after headaches, with stomach pain coming in third. So, where does it come from?

Being overweight

Fat is often located around the stomach. This excess in body fat puts pressure on your intervertebral discs. It damages your joints, which then tires your back. The muscles in your abdominal wall become weak and less able to support your spine, making it more vulnerable. Getting back back pain relief involves losing a significant amount of weight, which you can do by having good eating habits and doing cardio exercises. High-intensity cardio exercises burn calories and build cardiovascular endurance. You’ll improve your health and stop suffering from back pain.

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Bad posture

Being sedentary means sitting for long periods of time. Working in an office requires you to lean toward a computer, which gradually causes your shoulders and back to roll forward. This is in addition to shoulders that stick out and a neck that curves forward. This has a significant impact on the muscles in your spine, making it the cause of painful muscle contractures that can even go as far as the lower back. Strengthening your back and abdominal wall muscles is vital if you want to improve your posture, prevent rolled shoulders and feel your core muscles engaging. Your back muscles will get used to being significantly engaged, which will enhance their muscular endurance. This is how you’ll get rid of everyday back pain. Don’t forget that you can also get up and walk around a bit to relax your back.


Stress has a direct impact on your body. If you’re very stressed, bad posture causes your spine to compress, making it harder for your spinal discs to rehydrate. Negative emotions like anxiety or stress are likely to weigh heavily on your back. Your muscles then tense up in order to protect themselves. Over the long term, stress prevents your muscles from eliminating toxins, which are fatigued from constant tension. This will inevitably cause back pain. Relaxation methods or stretching can effectively relieve back pain.

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