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Are you looking for a low-cost solution to getting back in shape at home? An online personal trainer will create a customized workout program so that you can get long-lasting results. The trainer will give you support during every training session and answer your questions for complete fitness guidance. The gym now can come to you; there’s no need for any equipment to sculpt your body. Personalizing your workout program is vital if you want to keep up your motivation and continue to work out regularly.


You can take your online personal trainer anywhere you go.

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Why should you use an online personal trainer?

Getting tips and high-quality fitness guidance at home is now possible with an Internet connection and a connected device. Whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet or smart TV, all of these devices make it possible to get personalized fitness guidance using our fun fitness application or website. Your online personal trainer will follow your progress and adapt your workout to suit your current physical fitness level.

Use it to get results

Your online personal trainer adapts your workout to suit your goals and meet your needs using regular evaluations. Every workout is personalized and is another step toward reaching your goal. You’ll gradually be able to do exercises that you were scared to do before; thanks to a customized workout, you’ll now be able to do them. Exercises are adapted to give you fast and long-lasting results. Working out regularly by doing only three short 20-minute workouts a week will get you into a healthy habit that you won’t be able to break because of how great and satisfied you’ll feel.

Use it to get high-quality fitness tracking at home

You can get high-quality fitness tracking at home with an online personal trainer. It makes working out easier, leaving you with no more excuses for not improving your overall physique. You’ll do equipment-free strength training exercises using only your body weight our strength training application. Your weight is enough to effectively work your muscles and build a coordinated physique. You’ll sculpt your body at home and avoid trips to the gym and spending money on special equipment.

Sculpt your body with your online personal trainer

Your online personal trainer designs a training program using several different strength training techniques to guarantee workouts for maximum effectiveness.

Circuit training

To work your entire body, your personal trainer creates a workout program based on circuit training. As an equipment-free strength training method, circuit training has been proven to be effective in getting you back in shape. It involves several circuits of exercises with a high number of repetitions and rest periods between each exercise. Circuit training helps you effectively build muscle and lose body fat. Your online personal trainer will give you a variety of exercises to work complementary muscle groups so that you can strengthen your entire body. The other advantage of circuit exercises is that they work your muscles synergistically, meaning that a single exercise can work several muscles at the same time.

Example of a circuit training routine

A circuit training routine is made up of one or several exercises that work your arms and chest muscles, such as your pecs, in addition to improving your athletic performance, such as endurance and explosiveness, as well as exercises that strengthen your lower body. For example, your fitness trainer will give you push-ups, which are great for building your triceps and pecs, followed by squat jumps and lunges, which tone your glutes and thighs as they build your muscular endurance and explosiveness, lunges then the Arlaud movement to correct your posture. Repeat these exercises in a series to actively tone your entire body. No one can do circuit training for hours on end; 20 minutes is all you need to get results by doing at-home workouts.

FizzUp is your online personal trainer

The FizzUp personal trainer will guide you toward your goal to get back in shape or strengthen your muscles by creating a personalized full-body training program. Exercises are adapted to suit your physical fitness level using regular evaluations to help you make maximum progress. The FizzUp trainer will support you and answer your questions so that you stay motivated and never feel alone. Your friends can also follow your progress and give you a boost of encouragement any time you need! You’re guaranteed not to lose motivation, which is the key to your fitness success!

You can rely on your FizzUp online personal trainer as you do your workouts using the FizzUp application. The application includes videos and descriptions of the exercises so that you can do the movements perfectly. This fun fitness app will revolutionize how you work out.

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