Miracle Morning: Your New Morning Routine

What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Frantically hit the snooze button on your blaring alarm clock? Why not get up and start your “Miracle Morning” routine instead? FizzUp’s here to help you reinvent your AM habits with a program that will gently stretch your body and give you an energy boost for the day ahead.

Is your morning mood like a bear that’s been woken up early from hibernation? Does the thought of ​​getting up before sunrise get you excited as the thought of a bitter cup of coffee? Then it might be time to make a change. Fans of the Miracle Morning method have turned it into a steadfast ritual. Some wake up at 5:30 am to do a sun salutation yoga sequence, meditate or read. These enthusiasts claim that it’s a habit with multiple benefits, such as increased happiness, unlimited creativity and more time to connect with their inner spirit without the distractions they’re faced with during the day. According to some studies, a “Miracle Morning” can even make you more optimistic and more productive at work while promoting better health by relieving daily stress.

We’re not saying you should start waking up at dawn, but here at FizzUp we’re convinced that getting up 15 minutes earlier than you usually do can make a huge difference and set a positive tone for the rest of your day. That’s why our team created the Miracle Morning program. This wellness routine will revolutionize your mornings with three workouts a week, which has been shown to be the ideal frequency if you want to effortlessly “reprogram” healthy exercise habits. Just like many other FizzUp programs, we recommend you do this morning routine every other day and for good reason. This workout schedule is most likely to significantly increase your motivation and keep you from getting discouraged or feeling guilty if you skip or forget to do a workout.


So what does the Miracle Morning program do exactly? It’s a routine that calmly wakes you up and invigorates you with “yin and yang” workouts: an intelligent blend of strengthening and flexibility exercises with the goal to relieve stiffness, increase your energy and promote better everyday wellness.

For the “yin” workouts, you’ll develop your flexibility and joint mobility with stretches designed to peacefully loosen up your body and dissipate muscle and joint tension. You can take your “Zen” experience even further by trying the benefits of yoga (optional) with our range of themed sessions: sun salutation, detox yoga, energizing yoga, yoga for shoulders, yoga for hips, yoga for strong arms, yoga for strong legs and yoga for back.

For the “yang” workouts, you’ll use your own body weight to build strength with simple full body exercises such as the dynamic back bridge, which is perfect for strengthening the back side of your body and relieving back pain. Additional dynamic and static abdominal moves like heel touches work your entire core to ensure comprehensive posture correction.

The Miracle Morning program fully activates both the deep and superficial muscles in your midsection to protect your back and help you achieve a stronger physique (not to mention more sculpted abs)!


Like in other FizzUp programs, no two workouts are alike in Miracle Morning. The only exception is that this routine loosens you up with the same warm-up sequence every day for each week of the program. Why? Because your body will get more and more familiar with movements at its own pace and store them in its muscle memory. As you move through the program, they’ll start to come naturally to you. In other words, say goodbye to morning sleepiness! Soon you’ll be excited to get up and at ‘em!

This program won’t have you do cardio exercises like jumping jacks right out of bed. These workouts were created to respect your body’s rhythm. You’ll start with gentle exercises that unlock your joints and get your body moving. Then you’ll continue with strengthening exercises to sculpt your body.

Your muscles begin to progressively activate from the start of your workout. For example, you might start with a warm-up lying down during the first week, then do a warm-up on your knees during the second week, followed by a warm-up with a mix of lying and standing exercises during the third week.

This progressive and balanced sequence of exercises and poses is one of Miracle Morning’s many strengths. Feel the lasting benefits of this new experience on your body and mind after just three weeks of workouts.

By the end of the program, you’ll see how much progress you’ve made, in addition to your workout history, with a final fitness test. This tool measures the efforts you made during the program using factors such as your total workout duration, how much you’ve improved on the strength training exercises and the time you spent doing each kind of workout content.

With its blend of strengthening and posture exercises, Miracle Morning will help you reconcile with your alarm clock. This program will become your go-to revitalizing wellness routine. With Miracle Morning, you’ll rediscover the magic of the morning and savor its benefits all day long. Join the 30,000 FizzUp users who love their morning routine now!

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