The Best Program Combos For Men

Are you someone who likes lots of variety in your fitness training? Then good news! With FizzUp, it’s easy to mix and match programs to get maximum results from your workouts. Read on to discover our top program combo recommendations for your goal and fitness level.


Want to gain muscle mass and show off an evenly built and dry physique? Then your mix and match routine should be a combination of a pure strength training that will sculpt your entire body and a program that targets your abs. In this case, you’ve got two options: either you do one workout from each program back-to-back or you alternate programs every time you work out. For instance, you can do a workout from the abs program on lighter days to help you manage fatigue and promote recovery.


With Build – Full Body, you’ll grow your main muscle groups (pecs, biceps, triceps, thighs, back and shoulders) with three short and effective dumbbell workouts a week. Progressive overload makes exercises like military presses, bent-over rows and Bulgarian split squats so powerful. This is a weight training technique that adjusts the intensity of the loads throughout your program to guarantee progress. Continue your session with a workout from Core Training or alternate between Build – Full Body and this program, which is perfect for shaping your six-pack and building a solid core. You’ll target your midsection with dynamic and static exercises that challenge your abs and make you stronger and more powerful every day.

  • If your fitness level is beginner to intermediate: DB-800 + Abs

What’s the aim of DB-800? To perfectly master key exercises such as biceps curls, bench presses and thrusters. With these fun and comprehensive workouts, you’ll learn how to handle dumbbells like a pro and build your back, pecs, biceps, triceps, thighs and calves. Pair this routine with Abs, a program that zeros in on your abdominal muscles, to reveal and define your midsection.


  • If your fitness level is intermediate to advanced: Muscle + 6-Pack

The Muscle program is proof that bodyweight exercises are enough to build strong muscles. This routine of three workouts a week focuses primarily on your upper body with push-up, dip and crunch variations (among others), shaping your torso and working your abs in depth. For even more visible results, develop your six-pack with our dedicated program 6-Pack. Challenge your abs with impressive exercises and eliminate stubborn belly fat with high-intensity cardio moves.

Get the urge to show off a sculpted torso and prominent abs when summer is just around the corner? Beach Body is our personalized program made to help you achieve your goals in record time. Quickly sculpt your chest, pecs, abs, arms and shoulders with equipment-free exercises. Boost your results by adding the Abs program to this workout plan. You’ll home in on your abs and chisel your midsection with mighty abdominal strengthening exercises such as planks, crunches and leg raises.


  • If your fitness level is intermediate to advanced: Gym + Abs

Like working out in the gym, but don’t want to spend hours there? Let FizzUp guide you with Gym, a complete program that guarantees you’ll gain muscle mass after just four weeks. Gym alternates between “pull” days that work your lats, biceps and hamstrings and “push” days that work your pecs, shoulders, triceps and quads. Exercises, sets, reps, weights and rest times are all calculated to ensure that your muscles grow, get stronger and gain endurance. Add our Abs program for a solid upper body.


  • Malibu + Abs: With this combo, you’ll get a program you can do with just your bodyweight or with a pull-up bar to sculpt your torso, targeting your pecs and abs. Then, perfect your six-pack with a program that zeros in on your midsection.
  • Beach Body + 6-Pack: These programs will get your chest ready for the beach and unveil your abs.
  • Build – Arms + Build – Chest: This is the winning combo of dumbbell programs that will build your arms and transform your pecs in three weeks.
  • Build – Full Body + Metcon Ultimate: Combine our flagship dumbbell workout program with the top cross training exercises to dramatically improve your physical fitness. You’ll love pushing your limits with this combo!


If you feel like an athlete and love a good challenge, then your mix and match routine should be a blend of fun and intense workouts that test your boundaries and strengthen your abs.


Multiply your efforts by 100 with Centurion, our 100-rep workout program. Improve your strength, endurance and physical and mental stamina with tough exercises like burpees, deadlifts, push-ups and more. For better fatigue management and recovery, add a program that focuses on your midsection. Core Training shapes your abs from the inside out. Turn yourself into a pro at planking!

  • If your fitness level is beginner to intermediate: Metcon + Abs

Pull-ups and sumo deadlifts are just some of the athletic challenges that are waiting for you in the Metcon program. Its aim? To help you gain muscle power, strength and endurance. Supplement this program with the Abs program to build abs of steel.

  • For people of all fitness levels who own a resistance band: Resist + HIIT

Effective, convenient and easy to transport, resistance bands strengthen all the muscle groups in your body, such as your arms, back, abs, and legs, without putting unnecessary strain on your joints. Add some extra intensity to this toning routine with HIIT, a cardio program for people of all fitness levels that’s great for burning fat quickly and boosting athletic skills such as explosive strength, agility and endurance.

If you love a good physical challenge, switch between kettlebell and bodyweight exercises with Stronger, our cross training program that increases strength and power. Take your training to the next level with Kettlebell Mania and explore tons of ways to train with this awesome accessory. Boost your agility, coordination and cardio endurance as you work your arms, back and legs.

  • For people of all fitness levels who own a suspension trainer: RX 70 + Maxi Burn

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro when it comes to suspension training, RX 70 hones a wide range of athletic skills with stability exercises. Using a suspension trainer, you can gain endurance, stability, core strength and joint flexibility. Shake things up by adding an equipment-free cardio program like Maxi Burn to melt fat.


Try training like a future firefighter to see what it’s like to build the physical skills needed to fight flames! You’ll do workouts that cover pull-ups, planks, endurance and flexibility to prepare your body for a physical ability test. Add our Core Training program to set your abs ablaze!

  • If your fitness level is intermediate to advanced: Burpee + 6-Pack

Enhance your cardio, explosive strength and muscular endurance with this program that’s all about the burpee. It’s perfect for burning fat and sculpting muscle in practically no time. Add some extra strength training exercises that shape your midsection with our 6-Pack program, which is designed to grow your abs and slim down your belly.

  • If your fitness level is beginner to intermediate: 24/7 + Abs

Burpees, cardio, push-ups, core… Transform your fitness and push your physical boundaries with our bodyweight program 24/7. Combine or alternate this workout routine with Abs, a program guaranteed to get you solid abs in just three weeks.


  • Commando + Centurion: If you love physical feats, then put yourself to the test with an intense, military-inspired bodyweight program. Give it your all with training blocks combining strength, core and cardio.
  • Fight + 6-Pack: Develop the mental toughness of a boxer with combat sports-inspired workouts and gain power as you forge your midsection.
  • No Limits + RX 70: Get off the beaten path with an athletic program inspired by street workout. It’s ideal for giving your muscles, endurance and agility a boost while satisfying your hunger for a challenge.
  • Metcon Ultimate + Centurion: With these two programs, you’ll get cross training and bodyweight strength training with a single goal in mind: to heighten your body’s physical and mental abilities.


Want to keep your fitness in check with a quick and effective combo that’s easy to squeeze into your schedule? These mix and match routines alternate between shorter and longer workouts. Stay in shape with these equipment-free workouts that are 10 minutes long on average!

Easily improve your fitness and cardio endurance with Wellness, a three-week, low-impact workout plan that’s joint-friendly and boosts your mobility and flexibility. When paired with the Posture program, you can relieve and prevent back pain, ramp up your energy and get more limber with its focus on stretching.

Get the same results with seven-minute workouts as you would with long sweat seasons. That’s the promise this high-intensity total body toning program makes. Help your muscles recover and promote flexibility with the stretches in the Stretch program.

21 days: the perfect length of time to get hooked on healthier habits with FizzUp. These 10-minute bodyweight strength training workouts are enough to help you develop a taste for exercise, tone your muscles and simply feel better in your own body.


  • Posture + Stretch: A wellness routine focused on gentle posture exercises that relieve stiffness and back pain while promoting flexibility and relaxation.
  • Miracle Morning + 7 Minutes: A new routine that will turn you into a morning person and a quick yet effective cardio program.
  • 21-Day Challenge + 7 Minutes: A three-week wellness program combined with intense sessions designed to better your health and tone up your entire physique.

No matter what your fitness level is, what goal you’re going for or what equipment you own, now you have a ton of ways to create your own personalized mix and match routine. We encourage you to play around with these workout combos to get even more out of your experience with FizzUp!

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