The Importance of Repetition in Your Fitness Training

“Why does my FizzUp program have me do the same exercises over and over? Here at FizzUp, we get this question a lot. It’s not always easy to see the point in doing the same exercises during each workout of your program, but trust your app. There’s a good reason why.

What’s a rep?

A rep (or repetition) is a complete movement of the exercise, which can include:
  • bending followed by extending
  • a raised position followed by a lowered position
  • and/or a movement from left to right or right to left

Here are a few examples:

  • When you do a reverse lunge to high knee, one rep is when you do a lunge on the right and on the left side of your body.
  • One push-up rep is when you lower your body to the floor, then push it back up.

Doing a rep correctly depends not only on your body’s range of motion and position, but also on the tempo you use when doing the exercise. Don’t go too fast, especially when you lower and raise your body. This helps you do the entire movement and makes the exercise as effective as possible. You actually work your muscles more if you do the exercise slowly as you come back up. To find the best tempo to do the exercise, go the same speed as the trainer in the FizzUp app.

Factors that influence your progress

Many factors can influence your progress and results. Read on to learn how to keep moving toward your goal and to better understand what makes your FizzUp program tick.

Doing the exercise correctly

When you start a new program, take a minute to get familiar with the new exercises it includes by tapping on the program. Here, you’ll see the program’s workout plan. Tap on an individual day to view its exercises. Read the exercise instructions and notice the positions the trainer uses in the app. Feel free to practice the exercises if needed before you start your workout.

You can also pause your workout to review an exercise’s instructions at any time.

Doing an exercise correctly is critical because this has an impact on:

  • how difficult the exercise feels to you
  • how effective the exercise is
  • and how your progress is measured

Not using a full range of motion when doing the movements will reduce an exercise’s overall effectiveness. Always using a full range of motion helps guarantee full muscle development.

To find out the recommended range of motion, be sure to read the exercise instructions. Never put your joints in a weakened position. For instance, while doing bench dips, never let your shoulders go below your elbows. Putting your legs in the wrong place, arching your back or breathing incorrectly during the exercise are just as dangerous and can cause injury or make the exercise less effective, so don’t wait! Learn how to do the exercises correctly from the very beginning.

importance of repetition

Doing exercise reps

The other crucial factor that has an impact on your progress is doing enough effective reps of an exercise.

This is an important way to measure how your physical abilities are evolving. The more reps of an exercise you can do in a set, the better your physical fitness will be. That’s why reps play a key role in your fitness training if you want to get results.

Your ability to do reps of an exercise is the best way to tell how much strength, muscular endurance and agility you have. If you can’t do at least 10 reps of a single exercise yet, but then you practice it, this means you’re building muscular strength. Then, when you can do more than 10 reps, you’ll be strong enough to start building muscular endurance. This is the ability to repeat an exercise against a resistance for an extended period of time.

Practice makes perfect. Top athletes repeat the same exercise multiple times until they can do it perfectly. That’s why doing the same exercises over and over during your routine is important. Your muscles have a memory. Just like your actual memory, they save the information you give them and then adapt when needed. They need do reps of an exercise in space until they learn it. By gradually increasing the number of reps you do, you’ll expand your muscles’ memory and get better at the exercise. That’s why you don’t have the same exercises when you go from one program to another on FizzUp. You need to move on to other exercises to work other muscle groups. You can come back to them later and continue to make progress.

We can’t stress enough the importance of repetition in your fitness training. Progress is impossible without fitness routine that uses exercise repetition.

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