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Are you looking for a full-body muscle-building program that you can do at home? Building muscle at home is now possible using a simple Internet connection. Your muscle-building program is designed according to your needs and goals; that’s why your progress is guaranteed with this customized program. In order to be effective, the core of your workout should include exercises that are right for you and are adapted to suit your level. By choosing to strengthen your muscles using your body weight, which will improve your overall musculature and get you balanced and coordinated results, you’ll be free of all possible constraints, like time, location, equipment and money.

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Muscle-building program for beginners

If building muscle is your goal, you need to follow a muscle-building program for beginners that’s easy and adapted to suit your fitness level and goal. You can build muscle at home using no-equipment exercises that your digital trainer decides are right for you. Your muscle-building program for beginners will effectively sculpt your body thanks to a customized workout. Guidance from your virtual trainer will help you avoid injury.

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Flat-stomach exercises

Is getting visible abs once again one of the main reasons you want to take back control of your body? Our flat-stomach workout program is designed using exercises whose goal is to strengthen your abdominal muscles. You’ll sculpt your stomach by working the muscles in the superficial layer of your abdominal wall, such as the rectus abdominis or obliques, by doing traditional abdominal exercises like crunches. You’ll get the “six-pack” effect by doing exercises in addition to crunches that strengthen the deep abdominal muscles, such as the transverse abdominis. You’ll be given a variety of core-strengthening exercises to tone up your abs, which keep your belly “tight”. When doing these along with cardio exercises, you’ll lose weight and reach your goal even faster.


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Full-body muscle-building programs

A full-body muscle-building program will work all of your body’s muscles to get you a balanced and toned physique. You’ll lose body fat and gain lean body mass. A full-body and no-equipment muscle-building program includes bodyweight exercises that work your muscles synergistically (several muscles working together when you do a single exercise). This effective method gets you a toned and ripped body.

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Pec exercises

Want to build your pecs? Our muscle-building program contains targeted exercises that build your pectorals, for example. The must-do pec exercise is still the push-up exercise and its variations, which tone your pecs. These exercises are easy to do and require no equipment. You can build muscle at home using only your body weight. Besides the visual aesthetic of toned pecs, which are found opposite the back muscles, they improve your everyday posture and relieve back pain.

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Abs exercises

Want to build your abs? A full-body muscle-building program includes a variety of extra abdominal exercises to strengthen and tone your core. With this variety of abs exercises, you’re guaranteed to stay as motivated as you were on day 1 as you get fast and complete results in your midsection. Traditional crunches mixed with oblique crunches, reverse crunches and core-strengthening exercises will sculpt all of the muscles in your abdominal wall.


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No-equipment muscle-building exercises

Want to build muscle without any equipment? Your muscle-building program should develop the physical qualities you expect, such as strength, muscular endurance, agility and explosiveness. It should include series of exercises based on repetition and rest times. A no-equipment muscle-building program is especially convenient because it builds muscle without any equipment by simply using your body weight and giving you exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, dips, squats and many others. A no-equipment muscle-building program lets you work out where you want for the ultimate athletic freedom.

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Back pain relief

A workout program enables you to effectively treat back problems using exercises that are right for you and correct your posture, stretch your back and strengthen its stabilizer muscles. You can relieve back pain through regular physical activity made up of no-equipment strength training exercises that protect your back, followed by stretching at the end of your workout. These muscle-building exercises transform your everyday life by relieving back pain and improving your overall health.

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Squat exercises

The squat exercise is a must-do muscle-building exercise because it works several muscles at a time. You’ll see many results as you tone and strengthen all of your body’s muscles. Your glutes will be more toned and cellulite-free as they regain their curved shape. You’ll slim down and tone up your thighs. This explosive muscle-building exercise makes your body burn more calories. There are many different squat exercise variations that will keep your workouts interesting and get you even more results.

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Personalized muscle-building programs

Want to effectively build muscle? You need a personalized muscle-building program to get results. A personalized muscle-building program evaluates your physical potential and takes your goals into account. The difficulty of the muscle-building exercises in your program is adapted according to your current athletic level and physical fitness to ensure that you effectively make progress. You’ll keep your motivation up with a personalized muscle-building program because it has been designed to suit you.


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Push-up exercises

A full-body muscle-building program must include push-up exercises because they work your triceps, pecs and abs synergistically. This exercise is often considered to be as effective as circuit training for building strength and muscular endurance. When you do push-up exercises in addition to other no-equipment muscle-building exercises, you’ll improve all of your physical abilities and sculpt a coordinated physique.


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Bodyweight strength training programs

A bodyweight strength training program includes functional exercises that are useful in everyday life in addition to sculpting your body into an athletic and ripped physique. Your body weight is a load that’s heavy enough to effectively work your muscles. You’ll be able to pick up, lift and carry objects more easily. Bodyweight strength training is also great if you want to save time by working out right at home.

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At-home muscle-building programs

Want to build muscle at home? Follow the fitness advice of your virtual coach! You can follow your at-home muscle-building program online using your computer, mobile phone, tablet and even your TV (if it has an Internet connection). Muscle building comes to you with high-quality fitness tracking made up of custom-designed workouts that are right for your fitness level and meet your needs.


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