Muscle Building for Beginners

Are you a beginner looking to start building your muscles? A muscle-building program for beginners is adapted to suit your physical fitness level and goal using regular evaluations that will enable you to get fast results. You’ll get a variety of personalized exercises in order to build all the muscles in your body. You can do this no-equipment program at home using our mobile application for smartphones and tablets, or using a computer with a simple Internet connection.

muscle-building program for beginners

Do your muscle-building program for beginners where you want, when you want.

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What your muscle-building program for beginners includes

Forget dumbbells and other weight machines. Building muscle using your body weight is perfect for beginners.

Build muscle using your body weight

Building muscle using only your body weight is an impressive method that will get you fast results and effectively enhance your muscular qualities. Work out without any equipment at any time of the day and wherever you want.

This method evenly sculpts your muscles instead of creating muscle imbalances, often caused by using weight machines. You’ll improve your posture and relieve back pain. You’ll build functional strength, which is the strength you need every day to jump, push, lift, pull and carry objects. You’ll be able to support your own weight in a variety of positions. The push-up is an example of an effective bodyweight exercise. To make this movement easier, you can start doing them with your knees on the floor.

You’ll also improve your muscular endurance with exercises that build both your strength and cardiovascular endurance. You’ll lose body fat to gain lean body mass. You’ll be satisfied with the physical changes you’ll start to see: a flat stomach, muscular arms, toned thighs and sculpted pecs.

Thanks to bodyweight muscle building, you won’t work just a single area of your body but all your muscle groups together synergistically. Your muscle-building program will have an overall effect on your musculature by sculpting a balanced physique.


You can include the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) method in your muscle-building program for beginners in order to get fast results. HIIT is based on short and intense workouts that repeat exercises and short rest periods. You’ll never work out longer than 20 minutes during each session. You’ll enhance your physical performance with short workouts.

For example, you can do two series that include the squat, push-up and mountain climber exercises. You have 20 seconds to do as many repetitions as you can for each exercise. Rest for 10 seconds between each one.

Getting started in muscle building

Your muscle-building program for beginners should be adapted to suit your physical fitness and goals. Skipping steps won’t get you long-lasting results; conversely, it will only lead to injury.

Personalize your muscle-building program for beginners

To get your muscle-building program off to a good start and ensure that you’ll really make progress, your muscle-building program for beginners should be personalized by evaluating your physical potential in order to target zones of your body that need improvement and the physical abilities you want to develop. To keep up your motivation and enthusiasm as you do your program, you need to see results. That’s why your muscle-building program should target your goals in order to help you effectively reach them. You can enjoy doing a program that’s adapted to suit you and only you.

Get the help of an online trainer

Getting a personalized muscle-building program doesn’t mean traveling miles and miles just to get a complete fitness training and guidance. Now, all you need is a simple Internet connection to get access to a true fitness training service.

The online trainer can guide you remotely, telling you which series of exercises you should do without having to leave your home. You’ll save time and money, given the exorbitant price of sessions at a gym with a personal trainer.

Building muscle with a trainer prevents you from doing the muscle-building exercises incorrectly, with the help of a complete description for every exercise. You can also change the level of difficulty for some exercises. Take your time as the trainer guides you step-by-step. The trainer will encourage you so that you stay as motivated as you were on day 1.

Become an expert in muscle building with the FizzUp program

FizzUp is there to help you get off to the best possible start in muscle building. Before starting your program, the FizzUp online trainer first evaluates your physical potential, then designs a muscle-building program for beginners that’s completely adapted to suit you and evolves as you continue to make progress. Each exercise includes a detailed description so that you can do the exercise perfectly during your workout.

You can rely on the trainer’s skill to answer any questions you may have. The trainer tracks your progress and sends you encouragement to keep you smiling. Working out regularly will reward you with improved performance and faster progress. Follow the FizzUp muscle-building program and get off to an effective start today!

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