Strengthening Pectoral Exercises Without Equipment

Want to build your pec muscles fast? Then the push-up is the must-do pec exercise. By including this exercise in your no-equipment muscle-building program, your chest will become bigger, broader and more muscular so that you can reap its aesthetic and athletic benefits.

pecs with a muscle-building program

Build your pecs with a muscle-building program that’s right for you.

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All about your pecs

Before starting a pec exercise, learn about how your chest muscles work and the effects muscle building has on your pecs. Having the right guidance is the key to successful muscle building.

Pectorals, a how-to

The pectoral muscles cover the front side of your thorax. They’re made up of two muscles: the pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor, which work together. You use these muscles to raise your arms to push or squeeze. Every day, you may need these muscles to carry or move objects. The point of attachment for the pectoralis major is the collar bone, the ribs and the sternum, whereas the pectoralis minor is located under the pectoralis major, extending from the ribs to the upper extremity of humerus.

Why should you build your pecs?

The pecs are the opposing muscles to the back muscles, which you need to build in order to avoid muscle imbalance in your back. They help you keep your torso straight during exercise or simply while seated. This will relieve your back from pain you may experience day-to-day.

Your pecs also protect your rib cage and are an undeniable visual asset. If pec muscles give men a toned chest, they also allow women to perk up their chest and maintain it on a daily basis. They’re truly beneficial for your health.

The push-up, the perfect pec exercise

Weight machines aren’t always the perfect solution for building your chest muscles because they often cause injury or muscle imbalance. When you build your muscles using your body weight, you evenly build your pecs wherever you are and whenever you want. Equipment-free exercises are convenient and can be done anywhere for little to no money.

The push-up and its many variations

You can’t talk about pec exercises without mentioning traditional push-ups, which build your pecs and arms. The most effective pec exercise is the wide-grip push-up, which starts face-down in a plank position with your hands far apart, working the inner part of your pecs. Inhale as you bend your elbows to lower your rib cage to the floor. Keep your back straight and your core engaged. Exhale as you push up to completely straighten your arms. You can do this exercise on your knees to make it easier at the beginning.

A pec exercise like the push-up has many different variations that work your muscles from every angle. Decline push-ups work the upper part of your pecs, whereas incline push-ups work the lower part. Close-grip push-ups are great for working the inner part of your pecs. They make the sternum visible, which is often highly sought after by men.

What are the results?

Adapt pectoral exercises to suit your goal and physical fitness level with a personalized muscle-building program. For example, incline push-ups are better for women because they perk up the chest muscles. Add incline and close-grip push-ups to get a perky and tight chest. Men can also use this exercise because it brings together and effectively tones the pec muscles. Regularly doing different variations of push-ups thanks to an online muscle-building program enables you to quickly build your pecs for visible results. Shake up your workout and try them all.

Build your pecs with FizzUp

The FizzUp online muscle-building program is ideal if you want to build your pecs. You’ll save time and money with FizzUp fitness training, which makes following a no-equipment muscle-building program possible. Be free to work out where you want, when you want.

The exercises are adapted to suit your fitness level and goals. That’s how you’ll effectively build your pecs while receiving the tips and encouragement from a trainer. You’ll learn all about push-ups, dips and many other exercises in the FizzUp program. In addition to toned pecs, you’ll get a tight stomach, sculpted arms and thighs of steel. Try FizzUp now to get the pecs you’ve always dreamed of.

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