Bodyweight Strength Training Programs

Do you want to build muscle without any equipment using your body weight? With our extremely effective strength training programs, your body is heavy enough to be used as a natural dumbbell and actively work your muscles. Your bodyweight strength training program helps you build a ripped and balanced musculature by working several muscle groups at the same time.

bodyweight strength training program

Get bodyweight strength training programs that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

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What’s are bodyweight strength training programs?

Bodyweight strength training programs are muscle-building programs that require no equipment. Your body weight is enough to work your muscles synergistically. Now you won’t be building muscle in just one isolated area of your body… you’ll work one or several muscle groups in a system of simultaneous muscle contractions.

An ancient method that’s back in style

Athletes in ancient Greece based their workouts on bodyweight strength training techniques to become stronger and build their endurance for combat. They used a variety of exercises that worked their entire body.

This sport was a true practice and wasn’t just for soldiers. It was also practiced by civilians. The Greeks took good care of their health and their physical fitness. That’s how Greece ruled the Mediterranean for many centuries, thanks to its powerful army and the strength of its people, who learned to face difficult times thanks to strength training.

Have a dynamic lifestyle thanks to bodyweight strength training programs

Today, ancient bodyweight strength training has inspired many researchers and sports professionals, who have realized how great this method is for their physique. It’s a gentle method that helps you prevent muscle imbalance, which is generally caused by strength training on weight machines. Anyone can use it to improve their overall health. It strengthens your physique by working all of your muscle groups. That’s how bodyweight strength training programs can make anyone’s everyday life easier without the risk of injury.

No-equipment strength training helps you fight increased fatigue because your muscles become used to being used in a natural way. You’ll feel at the top of your game when you adopt a dynamic lifestyle. Personalize your strength training programs to get exercises that are adapted to suit your fitness level and goal.

Effective exercises that keep your muscles balanced

Stop making trips to do your strength training programs. Now your home can become your very own gym. Bodyweight strength training programs will tone your muscles in several different ways.

Dynamic exercises

Your bodyweight strength training program will give you dynamic exercises like push-ups, dips and crunches, that any bodyweight strength training program must include. You’ll sculpt your chest, tone your arms and get prominent abs. You can do these exercises as part of a circuit training program or in a series to add variety to your strength training workout. You should do several bodyweight exercises with short rest periods.

HIIT is another strength training method that uses your body weight. It combines series of high-intensity exercises and short rest periods. According to a survey conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine taken by 3,800 professional athletes, HIIT has been one of the biggest fitness trends in the last two years, in addition to equipment-free workouts.

Static exercises

Static exercises like planks trigger an isometric contraction, which means your body isn’t moving. You exert resistance without any joint movement. These exercises are based on duration, not repetition.

Core strengthening works your deep abdominal muscles, like the transverse abdominis, to strengthen your posture and give you a flat stomach. You’ll also protect your back. For example, the glute bridge tones your back as you strengthen its muscles.

Get a balanced musculature with FizzUp bodyweight strength training

Your FizzUp fitness trainer designs your bodyweight strength training programs just for you so that it suits your goal and meets your needs. Your bodyweight strength training program is personalized to guarantee that you effectively make progress. You’ll quickly and evenly tone your muscles because FizzUp workouts are equipment-free. Designed using the bodyweight strength training method, you can build muscle at home and at any time of the day that works best for you with the FizzUp program.

Your friends can track your progress and send you boosts of encouragement using the FizzUp application, available for smartphones and tablets. Your FizzUp trainer will guide you through every workout so that you can be sure you’re doing your strength training exercises perfectly. Start the FizzUp bodyweight strength training programs now!

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