How to Manage Fatigue and Exercise

Feeling tired? Are you wondering if you should do your FizzUp workout today? The key to making progress lies in how you manage fatigue and exercise. The FizzUp trainer tells you which habits you should get into so that fatigue doesn’t turn into an excuse for not working out.

Fatigue and exercise: what’s fatigue?

Fatigue is an unpleasant physical sensation that makes it hard to do certain physical and/or mental tasks. Understanding that it can take several forms is key: physical, mental or psychological fatigue and sensory fatigue (mainly for your hearing and sight). They all signal an imbalance between the physical effort you have to provide and the energy you have available in order to meet this energy expenditure.

fatigue_and_exercise_01You can feel physical fatigue after exercise, which is significantly demanding for your various athletic abilities. It makes your body feel heavy so that it’s easier for you to fall asleep fast. During exercise, your body has to provide energy to your muscles as they contract. Physical fatigue then results from reduced stores of glycogen in your muscles, an energy compound that ensures muscle function. Energy consumption produces metabolic waste, which is then transported to the brain. This explains why you feel tired once your workout is over.

Mental fatigue also generates physical fatigue. It affects your memory and your ability to concentrate. It makes you irritable and easily tested, symptoms often due to socio-environmental circumstances (a busy family life, an intense career, stress or working too much). When you go home in the evening and don’t feel like working out, it’s not because you’re suffering from physical fatigue. Your mind is cluttered with all the information it had to process throughout the day. So you need to work up motivation to get moving.

How to manage fatigue and exercise

  • How to slowly but surely treat mental fatigue

Physical fatigue, when it’s reduced, shouldn’t keep you from doing your physical activities. Work out even if your muscles are sore. Exercise will help relieve the pain. But if you’ve just recovered from an illness or are getting back into physical activity from a long break due to injury, take it easy and step by step. Start by choosing the “Get In Shape” goal. This program is less strenuous for your joints, tendons and cardiovascular system and will help you to get back in shape without any added discomfort.fatigue_and_exercise_02

  • Mental fatigue: a vicious circle

When you feel mentally tired, don’t stop working out. Your FizzUp program helps you resist fatigue by improving your blood flow. Your muscles get more energy during exercise and become stronger and more robust. Your body also gets used to being actively worked. Hard to believe, but it’s true: instead of making you even more tired, exercise gives you more energy. The more you work out, the more in shape you’ll feel.

Being physically active on a regular basis enters you into a virtuous circle. You get into the habit of exercising three times a week so that you’re more likely to always feel at the top of your game. When you lack motivation, just remember what exercise can do for you in your daily life and stick to your workout schedule. On the other hand, fatigue can also throw you into a vicious circle, when you pay too much attention to negative feelings, which encourage you to be inactive. Inactivity keeps your energy low, which demotivates you. You gradually get out of your healthy habits and live a completely sedentary lifestyle, and there’s nothing worse for your health than being inactive.


With your FizzUp workout, you can also enjoy the benefits of the “happy hormones,” which your body produces during exercise. Serotonin, dopamine and endorphins… a cocktail of energy and wellness is waiting for you during and after your workout. You’ll feel better in both your body and mind and release stress while a slight feeling of euphoria sets in. After your workout, you’ll feel less tired than before.

To manage fatigue and exercise, you should figure out which kind of fatigue you’re suffering from. A few yawns shouldn’t keep you from hitting the mat: if do your workout, you’ll feel full of energy. Enter a virtuous circle to stop letting excuses get the upper hand!

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