Sculpt: The Best Body Sculpting Program for Women

This year, your best Christmas present isn’t under the tree… it’s in your FizzUp app! We wanted you to feel loved with our new program Sculpt: a body sculpting program created just for women. What makes it so special? Sculpt is a fast and super effective program to form your physique without any equipment. Read on to find out more!

A program based on circuit training

Does getting a flat stomach, sculpted thighs and rounder glutes sound impossible? Think again. Here at FizzUp, we’ve got a gift for you. Sculpt packs the most advanced technology in fitness training for women into a single program. Its goal? Tone your body, slim it down and reveal your curves without any equipment and in just three weeks.

Why this length? Because all it takes is three weeks to get visible results so that your motivation stays at its peak. No gimmicks or false promises. Sculpt is based on a tested and proven circuit training method, which is why it’s so effective. Each week, you’ll do three workouts ideally every other day. Besides having workouts that easily fit into your schedule, this frequency promotes optimal recovery, giving your muscles enough time to rebuild after exercise. This is also an opportunity for you to fully recharge your batteries between workouts. Working out every day is actually a common mistake that leads to wasting energy and dreading your next workout. The results? Your goals are harder to reach.

With Sculpt’s training protocol, you’re guaranteed to push your limits and make progress. Simply put, with this method, you do sets of exercises interspersed with short rest times to stimulate your muscles and heart. This ramps up your metabolism (the energy your body uses while it’s at rest) and makes you burn more calories faster than with a more traditional method.

Get ready to put your abs, glutes and thighs to work

When asked about their least favorite body parts, women typically say their stomach, glutes and thighs. Sculpt zeros in on these areas with asymmetrical exercises such as kickbacks, single-leg glute bridges, lying side leg raises and lunges that isolate, tone and firm up the muscles.

The FizzUp trainers have also designed this body sculpting program to target your abs with static and dynamic exercises they’ve selected to stimulate your entire abdominal wall, from the most superficial muscles (your six-pack muscles and obliques) to the deepest muscles in your core (your transverse abdominis) and lower back. There’s no better way to flatten your tummy and shrink down your waist!

A personalized program

Whether you’re exhausted, low on motivation or bursting with energy, Sculpt adapts its workouts to suit you. This personalization is designed to keep you from losing interest in your program and guarantees constant progress in your results. But how does it work? After the last set or circuit, you’ll rate the difficulty of your workout using a scale of five criteria ranging from too easy to too hard. Using this information, FizzUp will then tweak the content of your next workout.

Thanks to our artificial intelligence system, your feedback adjusts the training protocol and the number of repetitions to match your athletic potential as accurately as possible. This means you’ll never experience workouts that are too easy or too tough! And as the icing on the cake, at the end of your basic workout, you can check out the additional workouts we recommend, which we’ve selected from hundreds of others. That’s pretty convenient, especially if you’re up for more. Why not finish up your session with an abs and core challenge, a glutes challenge, some HIIT cardio or a stretching circuit?

Delicious workout content

If Sculpt is as tasty as chocolate cake (but with fewer calories, of course), that’s all thanks to its wide variety of workout content. Don’t worry if you’ve got indigestion! Each workout has its own share of new features. Here are some of the ingredients to spark your workout appetite:

  • Plenty of exercises: A multitude of exercise variations will work each muscle in its entirety and in different ways. For instance, you might have five variations of squats and three variations of glute bridges.
  • An array of workouts: Each workout is a unique combination of exercises, keeping monotony at bay and your motivation intact.
  • A range of training protocols: The number of circuits, length of rest times and workout formats constantly change, adding spice to your workouts and breaking routine.

Sculpt revolutionizes fitness training for women by offering the best workouts to shape your physique without any equipment in just three weeks. Packed with effective and unexpected workout content, the flexibility of this powerful program will push you to exceed your limits. Sculpt is waiting for you now in your app!

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