The Winning Strategy for a Rounder Butt

If you’re driven to get a rounder butt this year, starting a smart strategy is a must. There’s no secret to a better booty. All it takes is a carefully designed workout program and the right eating habits. With FizzUp, you’ve got the tools you need to reach your goal along with the trainer’s guidance and support.


When you want a rounder butt, you’ve got to start being physically active and paying closer attention to what you eat. Combing fat burn with muscle gain in your glutes is what guarantees results.

FizzUp gets you to your fitness goal for a curvier behind with a workout program and nutrition feature that’s personalized to suit YOU. Every workout matches your fitness level to pave your way to success. Guided and effective bouts of exercise that only last 20 minutes will push your limits to get you results. Getting a rounder butt is so much easier than you think!

The FizzUp program comes with must-do exercises that will build your booty muscles, like squats and its many variations such as squat jumps, pistol squats and rotating squat jumps. With a wide range of easy, yet powerful exercises like this, you’ll never get bored and reap all the benefits. And let’s not forget glute bridges and leg raises that will give you that bubblier bottom.

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With FizzUp strength training, you’ll gain access to 200 exercises and over 20 workout protocols that include the many Focus programs*… a key player in muscle building. These mini-workouts target muscles like your glutes to get the specific results you want.

There’s a secret weapon to melt stubborn excess pounds that hide the strong muscles you’ve work so hard to achieve included with your FizzUp program: the Cal Burner Add-on*. Designed using the HIIT method, this Add-on torches calories with demanding cardio exercises that burn more energy. This triggers the EPOC (afterburn) effect, keeping your body burning fat for up to 48 hours after your workout. With this training technique, you can keep zapping calories even when you sleep!


Here’s an example of a standard workout plan from the FizzUp trainer to help you build a rounder butt:

  • Workout 1: Lose those love handles

Before you tackle your glutes, you have to burn excess fat. The first step is to gradually slim down your love handles so that you have a clean slate to build a better booty on. Taking full advantage of the Cal Burner Add-on* is the key to supercharging your weight loss. Activate it before every workout for faster results. And with FizzUp Nutrition*, you can have a tighter surveillance on your diet.

  • Workout 2: Sculpt your glutes

For stronger glutes, next you have to target your efforts on this area of your body. FizzUp takes out all the guesswork with a wide range of Focus programs* specially designed to put this muscle group to work.

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These are short workouts that help you work exactly what you want, when you want. The Glutes Focus* is an effective way to supplement your regular workouts so that you get a rounder butt in less time. It uses squats, leg raises and other exercises whose sole purpose is to reinforce your derriere.

Reconstruct, tone and lift your behind with a variety of movements. Start your Glutes Focus* before or after your regular workout or on your rest day. All of our Focus programs* last less than five minutes, so they won’t have any impact on your recovery.

With these many exercises and all the Challenges* devoted to getting you a rounder butt, you’ll be turning heads on the beach by summer with your FizzUp program.

  • Workout 3: Combine the two!

Activate the Cal Burner Add-on* then start your FizzUp workout. It will turn up the heat to wipe out calories. Once you’ve finished your basic workout, switch to the Glutes Focus* to supplement the cardio block of your workout and experience the ideal combination of exercises to get the rounder butt you deserve.


Besides keeping your health in tip-top shape, a wholesome diet has to match the transformation you want to accomplish in your body, no matter what your goal. Remember, 80% of your results depend on what you put on your plate. That’s why the FizzUp trainer has created FizzUp Nutrition* with over 150 tips, tricks and recipes to build you more muscle. Learn how to get your daily dose of protein, carbs and fat, which are all keys to muscle gain and find out which eating habits you should get into before and after your workout.

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You don’t need a strict diet plan that doesn’t last long enough to help you lose weight and only leaves you feeling frustrated. With FizzUp Nutrition*, we’ll teach you how to spot the eating mistakes that could be keeping you from losing weight, give you snack ideas that will put an end to an urge to nibble and help you get organized for success. With the right guidance, a rounder butt will be yours.

Having a strategic, thought-out plan to blast your booty is great for getting the glutes of a goddess, but having the right eating habits also plays a crucial role. FizzUp brings the two together to make reaching your goal a no-brainer.

*FizzUp PRO feature

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