The Winning Strategy for a Muscular Back

If you want to sculpt a back like Hercules, then you need to get into a workout routine that targets your back muscles and combine it with proper recovery and nutrition. With your FizzUp program, you’ll get all three to propel you to your ultimate goal: a more muscular back.


With FizzUp’s strength training program, you’ll get over 200 exercises and more than 20 workout protocols to work your back with a wide variety of exercises that put it to the test from every angle. Besides must-do pull-ups, chin-ups and one-arm dumbbells rows to zero in on your back, FizzUp workouts use your entire body with bodyweight muscle building to reduce muscle imbalances and your risk of injury as you exercise.

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FizzUp also brings you the Focus programs* that play a vital role in helping you correctly develop specific muscle groups. For this strategy, you should use the Back Focus to isolate your back muscles. Your program is designed with you and your goal in mind to optimize muscle stimulation. Remember to give yourself enough time to recover between Focus programs*. This will make them even more effective and get you the carved back you crave.


Here’s an example of a standard workout plan to help you build your back:

  • Workout 1: Target your upper body

Start with your basic strength training workout, then do the Back and/or Arms Focus*. The Back Focus is great for back building with pull-ups and chin-ups. These exercises are critical if you want to work the entire width of your back. When you pair this with the “Build Muscle with Equipment”* goal, you’ll also get one-arm dumbbells rows as part of your workouts to beef up your back. If you want a more muscular back, widening and thickening it up is key!

  • Workout 2: Target your arms and abs

Next, work your arms and abs to give your back the time it needs to properly recover and get stronger.

A solid midsection is a definitely an advantage when you’re working out to build muscle or if you just prefer a moderately active and healthy lifestyle. Fortified abs help you keep your body in the right position so that you can master the back exercises you do. We recommend activating the Six-Pack Add-on* two to three times a week before you start your strength training workout.

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The Six-Pack Add-on* includes dynamic abdominal exercises and core strengthening to reinforce your deep and superficial abs, making it easier for you to transfer strength and stability throughout your body when you do back exercises and keeping any unnecessary pain at bay.

Aside from your abs, you also need to use your arms when you do back exercises. They act as a link between your back muscles and the weight you’re lifting or the pull-up bar you’re hanging from. You can try using the Back Focus* once or twice a week to supercharge your back muscle development.

  • Workout 3: Go back to targeting your upper body

Repeat workout 1 and be sure to check out the Single Workouts* and try some of the Add-ons*. Working out regularly and gradually increasing the number of repetitions you do for each exercise are two factors that challenge your muscles and keep them growing to get you a muscular back. The more often you work out a specific muscle group during the week, the bigger this muscle group (and the muscles that surround it) will grow, if you give it enough time to recover between workouts.

Stick with this plan from the FizzUp trainer and you’re guaranteed to get results with enough patience and hard work!


Workouts are definitely important, but so is paying close attention to your diet if you want results! What’s the secret? Eating the kinds of food that are right for your fitness goal. If you want a more muscular back, your results depend partially on what’s on your plate, which is why the FizzUp trainer has dedicated an entire section of the app to nutrition with over 100 tips, tricks and recipes.

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Get a more muscular back with a strength training program that’s designed with you in mind to make reaching your goal a no-brainer. Just let the trainer be your guide!

*FizzUp PRO feature

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