The Story of FizzUp Fitness Training

FizzUp was launched in 2015 and now has over 2 million users worldwide. How did we do it? Find out everything there is to know about FizzUp’s origins and what makes up our DNA!


FizzUp saw the light of day because our president, Julien Lavault, was looking for a fun way to get back into exercise that would effectively build muscle without having to leave his house. That’s when he realized that following an online fitness training program would be a lasting solution, but it needed to be a program he could do whenever he wanted that’s simple, personalized and equipment free.

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Julien wasn’t satisfied with the other fitness solutions he tried because they were based on performance and competition. So he decided to take a different approach: one that focus on fitness for fun. Instead of emphasizing competition, FizzUp takes a different stand by encouraging cooperation between its users. Stop trying to be better than everyone else and start trying to reveal your own potential by working out regularly to boost your Rhythm score. Try using a fitness training app that shows you that the only person you should be competing against is yourself. Push yourself to always keep making improvements in your body and inspire your friends to do the same. The key to making progress is working out regularly; one of FizzUp’s cornerstones. We measure your progress against your previous abilities to help you stay driven to push your own boundaries. That’s why FizzUp fitness training is designed to promote long-lasting results with the help of your fellow users. Workout reminders sent to you by email or push notification, in-app chat and “boosts” are all ways the trainer and your friends can keep you motivated. This philosophy is unique in the world of fitness because it supports healthy, proactive and positive thinking.


The first question you ask yourself might be, “Why should I work out?” There are many possible answers to this question. The fitness, fashion and lifestyle industries focus on body image and body worship, making you think you have to work out in order to get the “perfect” body. They drive this home by publishing photos of models with flawless physiques or unbelievable body transformations, which are the results of two factors:

  • improved physical fitness
  • better health

FizzUp thinks that your health is the most important factor. That’s why our online fitness training works to make exercise a safe and permanent activity that anyone can do, without insisting on what the perfect body is. Our workout programs promote healthy physical activity for everyone with detailed exercise descriptions. The trainer adapts the workout to suit your needs as an individual so that they’re always sure to keep your motivation at its best.

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FizzUp doesn’t advocate the idea of the perfect body because everyone has their own body shape, whether it’s ectomorphic, endomorphic or mesomorphic. Not all users start FizzUp with the same fitness level. That’s why you can’t compare one person to another. In other words, competition has no place in fitness training.

[quote cite=’Julien Lavault, FizzUp president’ align=’right’]The most important thing is to accept yourself as you are, along with your strengths and weaknesses. When you do this, your weaknesses will become your strengths, if you accept them.[/quote]

With FizzUp, your body’s evolution is based on five fitness components:

  • Strength: your ability to lift and support weight, especially the weight of your own body.
  • Muscular endurance: your ability to repeat an exercise against a resistance.
  • Cardiovascular endurance: your ability to maintain steady breathing as you do repetitions of squats, push-ups or any other exercise for a set length of time.
  • Agility: your ability to move quickly and easily.
  • Flexibility: your joint mobility.

FizzUp fitness training works to improve all five of these athletic skills in order to change the three most important health factors: your physical wellness, mental wellness and musculoskeletal pain.


For over five years, FizzUp been using two key steps to bring you a personalized workout program. An important step is signing up. This is when you tell us a few pieces of vital information that we use to compare your profile to our profile database of over 2.2 million members. Then we decide how you can best make improvements and what you’ll love. The evaluation then focuses on testing a particular athletic skill: muscular endurance. You’ll do the maximum number of repetitions for each exercise that the trainer gives you. We use this data to accurately calibrate the rest of your workouts so that you see results when you work out regularly. Another evaluation comes at the end of the level to measure how much progress you’ve made.


Your fitness training is divided into five blocks of exercises. The warm-up is the first and is used to raise your body temperature and prevent injury during your workout. The second is the strength training block, which builds all your athletic skills. It even has benefits for your wellness with exercises such as reverse snow angels and the rower that can improve your posture due to sitting for long periods of time. The strength training block also reduces muscle imbalances and evenly strengthens all the muscles in your body.

The other three (optional) blocks of cardio, abdominal and stretching exercises are only available with FizzUp PRO. The Cal Burner Add-on makes you break a sweat and burn calories using the HIIT method. You’ll alternate between short (but intense) periods of exercise and rest. This technique increases your calorie burn, even after you’ve finished your workout because your metabolism keeps torching calories after intense exercise. The Six-Pack Add-on strengthens your abdominal wall to improve your posture. And last but not least, the Stretching Add-on gives you a peaceful return to rest while boosting your flexibility and joint mobility. It’s a must after you give it your all on the mat.


Each program for a specific fitness goal has its own set of exercises and Add-ons so that you can make the change you want in your body.

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For the best results, changing up programs from time to time is key. When you start to lose motivation, choose a less demanding program like “Get In Shape.” It keeps your fitness in check and get back the drive to work out so that you don’t throw in the towel. So if your goal, needs or motivation have changed, it’s time to switch up your program!

  • Get In Shape: This program is for those who want to add some physical activity to their everyday routine for better health. You’ll get moving just to feel better in your body. It includes a mix of cardio, abdominal and stretching exercises.
  • Lose Weight: This program is based on circuit training and uses the Cardio Add-on to make your body burn fat and shrink your stomach. You’ll get toned muscles to quickly boost your body confidence.
  • Sculpt My Body (for women) / Build Muscle (for men): This program focuses on bodyweight strength training. As a bonus, you’ll work all your entire midsection to build abs of steel and improve your posture using the Six-Pack Add-on. It also includes the Stretching Add-on because your muscles tend to get stiff and cramp up after they’ve been through an intense workout. Our stretches will give them back their elasticity.
  • Sculpt My Body with Equipment (for women) / Build Muscle with Equipment (for men): This program is for anyone who wants to build muscle and make faster progress. Bring out the most attractive features of your physique and tone your muscles in less time.
  • Become an Athlete: After you’ve been working out with FizzUp for a while and have reached a higher level of physical fitness, you can use this program to take your workouts to the next level. This goal includes a more advanced combination of cardio, abdominal and stretching exercises, making it the most effective and comprehensive workout program on the market. You can even add light fitness equipment if you like.

Please note that after you select your goal upon sign-up, you will only gain access to this goal once you sign up for FizzUp PRO. Until then, you’ll only have access to our free workouts.


The Single Workouts available only with FizzUp PRO give you even more freedom to work out how you want. YOU decide what’s in your workout, how long it is, its level of difficulty and the areas of your body it’s going to target.

FizzUp’s Single Workouts are broken down into three different categories:

These categories all serve a different purpose. The Focus programs supplement your basic workout by strengthening a specific muscle group in less than five minutes. The Challenges are a way to lengthen your regular workout, add a bit of spice to your fitness routine and give you new ways to exercise without overriding your everyday workout. Feeling tense? Relax your muscles with a Stretching circuit after a Focus program or boost your flexibility to relieve stress and tension after a long day.


FizzUp’s workout schedule is an essential factor in helping you improve your fitness. You make progress not only when you work out, but also when you’re at rest. The FizzUp program intelligently fits your rest days into your workout schedule and is designed using chronological cycles of different lengths. This is why it’s so important to let your body take a break when the trainer tells you to. After the first three introductory FizzUp levels, which take six weeks to complete if you work out regularly, your workout schedules take on their full meaning. When you work out with FizzUp, you’ll move between three different training phases, one after the other:

The first phase is when your fitness training is rather focused and intense. This is the hardest step to take because it actively stimulates your body for 21 days. The second training phase is more specific. The goal isn’t to define your limits but to aim just below them. During this 21-day transition phase, your level of fatigue stabilizes. And lastly, overcompensation and tapering happen during the third phase. It’s not as intense and only last 14 days. This is when your body recovers and you have more energy. Most often, this is the phase when you make the most progress. If you work out regularly with FizzUp, this phase would happen on levels 4, 7, 10, etc.

Many users often ask us if they can play another sport in addition to their FizzUp fitness training program. Most of us here at FizzUp play another sport on the side, whether it’s swimming, running, rowing, hockey or judo, so we know how it is. If you want your workout to keep being effective, the most important thing is not to do your FizzUp workout on the same day as your sport. Do your FizzUp workout on your rest day instead. If you don’t have any other choice, it’s better to do your FizzUp workout before you play your sport to get your body up and running. But make sure to choose the right goal for your other physical activity. Another option would be to space out your two activities by doing your FizzUp workout in the morning and your sport in the evening, or vice versa.


80% of your results depend on your eating habits. FizzUp makes nutrition part of your fitness routine with our FizzUp Nutrition Guide available only with FizzUp PRO, written in collaboration with sports nutritionist Anthony Berthou. It includes tips, tricks and recipes right in the app, along with a meal planner to make food prep so much easier. With FizzUp, you can eat a diet that’s right for your fitness goal and physical activity to help you get faster results.

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[quote cite=’Julien Lavault, FizzUp president’ align=’left’]Train your stomach, because your stomach leads your brain.[/quote]

When you change your eating habits and keep an eye on the glycemic index value of the foods you eat, this gets you into a healthy and successful routine. Curb hunger pangs by eating several small snacks throughout the day. It’s time to enjoy what you eat and stay in control of your body without having to go on a restrictive diet with over 100 recipes in the FizzUp Nutrition Guide.

Now that you’re an expert on everything FizzUp, you’ve got knowledge to make quick and easy progress toward your goal, take better care of your health and get moving at your own Rhythm. FizzUp your life!

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