The Mason Twist Will Get You the Flat Stomach You Crave

If your goal is to get a toned and flat stomach, look no further than the mason twist, included in your Six-Pack Add-on. The FizzUp trainer will show you how incredibly effective it is for engaging and sculpting your abs. Break up your everyday workout routine with this dynamic exercise. You’ll realize that crunches aren’t the only way to chisel your midsection.


The mason twist really packs a punch, even though it’s so easy to do. It uses side-to-side movement to fortify your abs while also improving your mobility and joint stability.

mason twist 01

Starting position: Sit on your exercise mat and lift your feet up off the ground. Lean your torso back slightly and balance your weight on your glutes.

The right movement: From this position, rotate your chest from left to right while trying to touch the floor with your hands on each side of your body. You can do this exercise at a slow or very fast pace.


“Exhale when you touch the floor with your hands.” Keep breathing steadily throughout the exercise to help you do it in a single, fluid movement.

“Follow your hands with your eyes.” Watching your movement is a vital key to doing this exercise correctly because it keeps your body balanced and in the right posture. When you follow your hands with your eyes, we guarantee you’ll keep your body in the right position.

“Contract your abs.” Even though you’re doing an abdominal exercise, you still have to remember to put your abs to work. Use your breathing to keep your abdominal wall engaged and work your abs even more.


Six-pack muscles: This is a superficial layer of the abdominal muscles that gives you the six-pack look everyone loves. The mason twist is ideal for strengthening your abdominal wall because it works both your superficial and deep abs.

Transverse abs: When you contact your abs during this exercise, you intensity the demand on the deep muscles, which give you a flat stomach once you’ve sculpted them.

mason twist 02

Obliques: The mason twist tones this part of your abdominal wall for a slimmer waist.

Pyramidalis: This is your thighs’ rotator and abductor muscle. The mason twist works to actively strengthen it.

Hip flexors: The mason twist is an incredible way to relieve back pain. You’ll improve your posture without even realizing it.


There are a lot of abdominal exercise variations (especially when it comes to dynamic core strengthening) that will reinforce your abdominal wall, shape your six-pack and shrink your waistline. Take plank rotations, for example.

Plank rotations: Get in the push-up position with your arms straight and hands shoulder-width apart. Rotate your chest as you lift your arm to the ceiling. Stop once both your arms form a straight line. That makes one complete rotation. Next, return to the starting position and repeat the movement on the other side.

Why not give other dynamic plank variations a try, like the plank with thigh touches or the plank with leg raises? As a surefire way to fortify your abs, take a shot at different variations of the mountain climber, an exercise that torches fat and chisels muscle. FizzUp gives you a full-body strength training program with all these exercises and more right in a handy app. Get washboard abs and a sleek physique with the tap of a button.

Want to add more variety to your fitness routine? Then don’t forget about the mason twist! Count on the FizzUp trainer to bring you nothing but the best when it comes to effective strength training workouts. Having a personalized workout program at your fingertips makes reaching your goal a breeze.

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