The Benefits of Yoga

Looking for a simple way to relax your muscles, get stronger, boost your flexibility and develop your tone? No matter who you are or what your fitness goal is, yoga offers a wide range of benefits for both your body and mind that you don’t want to pass up! The FizzUp trainer breaks down all the ways yoga is a perfect fit for your wellness routine.


In general, yoga is a mild type of exercise. As a low-impact activity with poses ranging in difficulty, yoga is something anyone can do. Whether you’re a beginner, more advanced or a pro, there are movements that allow everyone to reap the benefits of yoga.

People tend to think they’re not flexible enough to do yoga. But the truth is, people of all fitness levels can use yoga to safely stretch their muscles for better flexibility using a personalized routine.

Even if you’re pregnant, yoga can keep your muscles relaxed, maintain your strength and keep you feeling fit during a time when you might be less active than usual. If you’re new to yoga or are experiencing health problems related to your pregnancy, talk to your doctor before you start and get the guidance of an experienced prenatal yoga teacher.

You can enjoy yoga at any age or fitness level with one of FizzUp’s many video yoga sessions available right in your app.


Yoga focuses your attention on your body’s abilities in the now. It’s not about improving your physical appearance; it’s about body consciousness. Those who practice yoga are much calmer and more mindful of their bodies than those who don’t.

They’re also more satisfied with their outer appearance and physique, which means that they can move through life without suffering from this common anxiety. For these reasons, yoga is known to promote a positive body image and self-love.

By doing yoga on a regular basis, you’ll also notice how well it works for stress relief, helping you maintain an elevated level of wellness. Because it has an effect on both your body and mind, it improves your sleep and slows down aging, too. The result? You’ll feel increase your energy and your ability to concentrate. 

Some types of yoga use specific meditation techniques that require you to focus on your breathing to relieve stress and anxiety. Practicing breathing techniques during a yoga or meditation session also stimulates oxygen levels in the brain, making you feel much more relaxed and putting you in a better mood.


Although yoga is best known for its powers to soothe tension and anxiety, it also has a beneficial impact on your athletic skills. It’s no wonder many athletes practice yoga several times a week!

When you practice it on a regular basis, yoga strengthens your muscles, improves your endurance, increases your lung capacity and develops your flexibility and coordination through a range of poses and sequences of movement. Yoga puts your entire body to work, which in turn has a beneficial impact on your everyday exercise or sports practice.

The majority of poses target the body as a unit. You can opt for specific poses that hone in on a specific muscle group such as your abs, arms, legs, glutes and back. Yoga stimulates them all if you do it regularly!

You’ll also find that it improves your posture. With the help of yoga, your abs and back muscles can better support your weight, helping you sit and stand straighter.

Yoga strengthens your body, improves your balance and flexibility and makes it easier for you to pursue your fitness goals with unwavering confidence. Why not treat yourself to a moment of total relaxation with FizzUp’s video yoga sessions? Open your app and go to the Single Workouts section to discover them now!

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