The Winning Strategy to Build Muscle

Having the right habits and getting the guidance you need in your fitness training is essential if you want to build muscle. The FizzUp PRO muscle-building program gives you all the keys to reach your fitness goals. Get results in just six weeks of working out!

Build muscle with a full-body program


The FizzUp PRO muscle-building program gives you access to over 150 bodyweight exercises. You’ll get an unmatched variety of exercises that boost your motivation to work out regularly and make you fall in love with staying physically active. No two workouts are alike! This program also has the advantage of working your entire body through full-body strength training. You won’t suffer from muscle imbalances, often caused by building your muscles incorrectly at the gym. The “build muscle” goal with FizzUp PRO meets the needs of men who eagerly want to develop their musculature and watch it grow.

The FizzUp PRO program also gives you access to the Focus programs, which are highly important for muscular development because they enable you to isolate the muscles to want to work first. With the Focus programs, you’ll get a consistent program that meets your needs because they optimize muscle stimulation. Alternating Focus programs allows you to maximize their effectiveness and get the most out of your recovery, which is essential if you want to build muscle correctly.

Which workout routine should you use to build muscle?

build_muscle_02Here’s an example of a typical workout routine from the FizzUp trainer to help you build muscle.

  • Workout 1: Work your upper body

Do your basic strength training workout, then add the Back Focus and/or the Chest Focus and/or the Arms Focus. Never do more than two Focus programs during your workout. The Back Focus is ideal if you want to build your back and shoulder muscles. You’ll need a pull-up bar. The Pecs Focus perfectly sculpts your chest, while the Arms Focus helps you build strength in your arms.

  • Workout 2: Option 1 – Build your explosive strength

Don’t use the same workout so that you have enough time to recover for the healthy muscular development. Activate the Cal Burner Add-on and do your basic strength training workout. It significantly works your cardiovascular abilities and makes your body burn calories for up to 48 hours after exercising, thanks to the “afterburn” effect, also known as EPOC. Based on the HIIT method, the Cal Burner Add-on builds your endurance and explosive strength. You can also add the Thighs Focus to strengthen your lower body. You’ll build your resistance through to physical exertion.

  • Workout 2: Option 2 – Strengthen your abdominal wall

Having a toned abdominal wall is a must when you do strength training. It enables you to get through an entire exercise, protect your back, maintain a good posture on an everyday basis and has many aesthetic advantages. So activate the  Six-Pack Add-on and do your basic strength training workout. Made up of traditional and dynamic crunches as well as core-strengthening planks, you can strengthen the deeper muscles such as the transverse abdominis and the superficial muscles in the abdominal wall to get the six-pack you’ve always wanted.

  • Workout 3: Go back to working your upper body

Repeat the same sequence as for workout 1. Then, alternate between the examples used for workouts 1 and 2. Feel free to activate the Stretching Add-on before starting any workout. It will help you increase your flexibility and relax after your workout.

REMEMBER: The most common mistake is forgetting how important recovery is. To build muscle, rest is vital. So follow the workout routine designed by your FizzUp trainer if you want to get results. Working out every day is totally counterproductive in muscle building.

What kind of diet should you eat to build muscle?


Adapting your eating habits to your fitness goal will get you faster results. Eighty percent of your results depend on what’s on your plate; that’s why the FizzUp trainer has developed the FizzUp Nutrition Guide, with more than 150 tips, tricks and recipes to help you build muscle. You’ll learn how to measure out your protein, carbohydrate and fat intake. Balancing them out is the key to gaining muscle mass. You’ll learn which foods to focus on and which eating habits you should get into before and after your muscle-building workout.

To build muscle, getting a structured strength training program that’s right for you is a must because it gives you all the keys to reach your goal without any hassle. Just take his advice. The trainer is here for you!

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