Sex and Exercise: What’s the Link?

Health, wellness, healthy mind in a healthy body, balance… So many words that come up again and again when you talk about fitness training. For you, it should mean feeling well in all aspects of your life. That’s why you shouldn’t overlook your sexual health. The FizzUp trainer conducted an exclusive survey of 1,547 male and 1,705 female users to prove his hunch that exercise boosts your libido. Let’s take a closer look!

What did our users have to say about sex and exercise?


The trainer thought so, and now we’ve proven it: exercise undeniably makes you more attractive. 82% of both male and female users feel more confident and sexier thanks to FizzUp. They have no doubts about their potential to seduce because they know how to take care of their physique.

Four out of five users think that being active on a regular basis makes them more attractive to other people. Nothing can stop you from approaching a beautiful stranger you’re attracted to. You feel more sure of yourself and have no trouble turning on the charm. As for our female users, three out of five feel more adventurous in bed thanks to FizzUp. They feel fearless in their own bodies and have higher self-confidence when it’s time to hit the sheets.

66.7% of the FizzUp community believes that exercise improves their sex life. So the benefits of FizzUp are limitless: besides giving you a sculpted body and a healthy lifestyle, your program also helps boost your libido.

Sex and exercise: improved performance

The FizzUp community is extremely active. Why? Because on average, our female users have sex three times a week with their partner. Remember that the higher your Rhythm score is, the more sex you’ll be having. Male users with a Rhythm score equal to or higher than 200 workouts in a row have sex more than five times a week. Their FizzUp workout builds their endurance and it shows! 71% of men who use FizzUp think that they last longer in bed thanks to their daily FizzUp workouts.

Not to be outdone, one female user out of two willingly admits to having more of a desire to get between the sheets after a workout. When our female users have a Rhythm score of 20 to 50 workouts in a row, they feel that they have an orgasm every time they have sex.

But what significant improvements are there in terms of how long sex lasts? 80 minutes of exercise a week increases the average duration of sex by 15%. This means that male users who work out regularly have longer romps, lasting 75 seconds longer than sex between two physically inactive people. That’s why it would be a shame to deprive yourself of exercise, since it enables you to put your partner on cloud nine for much longer. Work out as a couple so that you can both enjoy the benefits of FizzUp for your libido.

The trainer has given you a new source of workout motivation: build your endurance in bed to get unshakeable self-confidence. Your FizzUp workout can help you seduce your crush, keep the fire burning and thrive in all aspects of your life. What do you think about the link between sex and exercise?

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