New: Keep Up Your FizzUp Rhythm Score!

So you were showing off your impressive FizzUp Rhythm score, but then the unthinkable happened: you missed a few workouts so you thought you’d see a big, fat ZERO on your profile. Turn that frown upside down and get back to working out. Now there’s no way you can let your Rhythm score fall back down to zero overnight.

What’s the Rhythm?

The Rhythm is an important tool when you work out with FizzUp fitness training. It enables you to see the number of workouts that you’ve done in a row without missing a scheduled workout. Its purpose is to boost your motivation. The higher your score, the more motivated you’ll be to keep up your fitness training and work out regularly. Working out regularly is the essential key to making progress, which is why FizzUp highlights your diligence and rewards you for it. When you see how high your Rhythm score is, you’ll feel proud of yourself and realize the value of each FizzUp workout.

A major new feature is now going to make your FizzUp Rhythm score something that will always put a smile on your face. Why? Because now your Rhythm score can’t drop to zero immediately after you miss a workout. Every missed workout turns your Rhythm red and gradually lowers your score. If your Rhythm score was 45 and you miss a workout, it will go down to 44 and keep falling until you work out again. Good news, isn’t it?

Can you avoid a low FizzUp Rhythm score?

Watching your FizzUp Rhythm score drop to zero overnight isn’t a given anymore. Stay true to your commitment to getting in shape if you want to stick to your resolutions. You may miss your workout because you got sick or injured, got held up at work or went on vacation. These things shouldn’t demotivate you. Quite the opposite: they should be a driving force to help you beat your previous Rhythm score.

  • If you’re sick

If you get sick, you need to give yourself time to rest. Forcing your body to exercise when it’s already using all its energy to fight your illness is bad for your recovery. Don’t worry about your Rhythm score: now, watching it drop to zero after having missed one workout is a thing of the past. You’ll only lose points after every missed workout. So take all the time you need to recover. If you give yourself rest without rushing your body, you’ll recover more quickly and be back on the mat before you know it.

  • If you’re injured

An injury may require you to modify your workout or even skip it entirely. Talk to your doctor before you continue your FizzUp workout program so that you can be sure that it won’t make your injury worse. Then get in touch with a FizzUp Expert when you sign up for the FizzUp Premium Motivation Package, which allows you to get personalized fitness guidance without watching your Rhythm score drop. As you recover, your Expert will give you alternative exercises you can do during your workout depending on your injury. You’ll probably have to slow down the pace, but remember that you’ll be able to get back into your workouts with even more drive and determination!

  • If you’re going on vacation

Want to take it easy? That’s your choice, but you’ll have to watch your Rhythm score drop. Of course you deserve to escape from the responsibilities everyday life and let yourself have some fun. So make the most of your time off. You can take back control of your Rhythm score later. Also remember that you can do your workout anytime, anywhere… even during your vacation.

  • If you get held up

Don’t let the pressing needs at work and at home turn into excuses for not working out. It might seem difficult to find the time to be physically active on a regular basis, but 15 minutes of exercise is only 1% of your day. Let’s just say that letting your Rhythm score fall if you have a hold-up is because of a lack of motivation. That’s another way that the FizzUp Premium Motivation Package can enable you to boost your desire to make progress and work out. You’ll get personalized follow-up with an unlimited number of emails between you and your FizzUp Expert, who follows your progress and is there for you on a daily basis. They’ll answer all your questions and help you get back the motivation you need to reach your goals.

What to do when your FizzUp Rhythm score turns red

If you’re used to seeing your FizzUp Rhythm score fall, now’s the time to do something about it and know where the problem is coming from. It shows that you’re having trouble working out regularly because:

  1. You think your workout is too repetitive. Step your fitness training up a notch by becoming a FizzUp PRO member. You get access to over 200 new exercises, the Add-ons, which add variety to your workout and the Focus programs, which enable you to get a workout program that’s best for reaching your goal.
  2. You need to be better organized. To keep working out regularly, you need to make FizzUp a habit. Make your workouts part of your schedule and always keep the same time slot open for your fitness training. That way, exercising will become a ritual you need for your everyday wellness.

Stop worrying that your Rhythm score will fall! Don’t feel guilty if you miss a workout. Just don’t wait to continue your fitness training program if you don’t want to watch your results disappear. You’ll gradually get back a Rhythm score that’s sure to impress.

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