Mistakes to Avoid for the Perfect Plank

With FizzUp, get the top tips for the perfect plank! Once you’ve mastered this exercise, start the best core training program to fortify your abs and flatten your midsection. Ready to turn yourself into a plank pro?


You might be tempted to stop your breathing when you do static or dynamic core training. When you keep breathing steadily during the exercise, your muscles get the oxygen they need in order to work right. This helps you master the exercise and prevents side stitches. You’ll also notice that it’s easier to stay in this position for longer periods of time.

Focus on taking deep breaths in and out. This way, you’ll release even more CO2, making more room in your lungs for oxygen when you inhale. To facilitate your breathing, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. You’ll be able to hold a static core training position for longer and complete more repetitions when you do a dynamic core training exercise. Remember to exhale as you move during dynamic core training. It’s a big help.

FizzUp tip: Click here to find out the right way to breathe during exercise.


For the perfect plank, having good posture is vital, especially for exercises like the elbow plank, the straight-arm two-point plank and the plank with leg lifts. Don’t stick your glutes too high above the plank, but don’t bring them down too low, either. For side planks, keeping your head, spine and hips aligned is also just as important.

FizzUp tip: Make sure to look at the floor when you’re doing a regular plank or look straight ahead of you if you’re doing a side plank. This helps you keep your neck and back straight.


Even though you’re doing an exercise that strengthens your abdominal wall, you still need to consciously keep your abs engaged. Focusing on every detail is key if you want to do the perfect plank. Get the most out of the exercise by contracting your midsection and use your breathing to help.

When you inhale, you should hold your stomach in and feel like your belly button is touching your organs. Hold this position, then exhale as you keep the pressure on. Your midsection will feel like steel. Besides that, contracting your abs keeps your back straight.

FizzUp tip: Contracting and releasing your core also works your pelvic floor, too.


As you’re doing a side plank exercise, look to see how your shoulders and hips are positioned. You might be tempted to lean forward or backward. Remember, you need to keep your neck, shoulders, back and hips aligned to avoid back pain and injury. You should never feel like you’re about to fall over. The side of your body needs to form a perfectly straight line.

FizzUp tip: If you’re a beginner, use a mirror to help you fix your posture.


Do planks got you on edge? Then you’re in luck. The FizzUp trainer will change how you see planks AND help you face your fears. There’s absolutely nothing to be scared of. As you go through your workouts and make planks part of your everyday routine, you’ll get more comfortable with this exercise and have it down pat. For now, holding an elbow plank for 30 seconds might seem like no easy task. But have no fear when you do your core training exercises. The only thing you’ll do is improve!

FizzUp tip: Start trembling every time you plank? That’s a good sign! It just means that your muscles are working hard. You’ll gradually stop trembling when you do planks on a regular basis.

And that’s how you do the perfect plank. You’re all set to give these handy tips from FizzUp a try! Happy planking!

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