Improve Your Strength and Balance with the Exercise Ball

Looking for a way to take a break from your busy schedule and work out a little differently? With an exercise ball, you can take it easy and sharpen key athletic skills such as balance, core strength and concentration.


Don’t be fooled by its softness and round appearance. An exercise ball isn’t as easy to use as it looks. Also known as a yoga ball, balance ball or birth ball, the exercise ball is for workouts that are anything but easy, challenging your balance and core strength. This is the reason for its original success in Pilates studios before it became commonly used in gyms for circuit training and fitness classes.


As a versatile home training accessory, the exercise ball can be used for a wide range of moves. In order to master working out with an exercise ball, you need a certain amount of concentration and composure. Whether you’re sitting or placing your hands on it, this accessory teaches you to control your body. Frequent workouts with an exercise ball help improve your posture and body alignment while preventing and relieving back pain.


Trying to keep your balance while you’re in unstable static core positions strengthens your core and stabilizer muscles, especially the ones in your back and abs. And when you’re doing dynamic core exercises, an exercise ball can also engage your superficial muscles. Whether you’re aiming for a more muscular back, a flatter tummy or firmer thighs and glutes, an exercise ball is a must-have. It turns up the intensity of bodyweight exercises by engaging and fortifying your entire physique.


For those of you who often feel stressed or need a way to blow off steam, here’s another reason to fall in love with the exercise ball: it’s also a great accessory for relaxation and wellness. Hasty movements simply don’t work on an exercise ball. It forces you to slow down both physically and mentally. Because it demands that you focus on your breathing and positioning, you naturally release tension and relax your body and mind.


With so many advantages, it would be a shame to think that an exercise ball is only for pregnant women or beginners. This multi-purpose exercise tool is used by professionals in fitness, wellness, dance and physiotherapy. Exercise balls are loved by people of all levels of fitness experience who use this flexible yet rigid sphere as a great complement to their usual workout routine.

Whether you’re strengthening your deep muscles, improving your balance, working your back or flattening your belly, training with an exercise ball is an effective alternative to high-intensity workouts that can help you unwind, too. Start our program Exercise Ball now to see for yourself!

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