How to Start Running: A FizzUp’s Beginner’s Guide

Ever considered taking up running, but you weren’t sure how to go about it? Or maybe you stopped running because you thought it wasn’t right for you? FizzUp’s beginner’s guide to running is here to help you get started or back on track.


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If you want to start or get back into running, it’s best to use a step-by-step approach. Easing into a new physical activity like this one keeps injuries and possible burnout at bay. Running puts your joints, tendons and muscles to the test, which is why you should gradually begin your running practice to give your body the chance to adapt. This takes time, so be patient with your body. Start with short runs using slower strides, interspersed with a bit of walking from time to time as needed. Notice how your body reacts and feels so that you can change the intensity of your run accordingly. These tips also apply if you’re just getting back into running.

If you’re an absolute beginner, you should limit yourself to one or two runs a week, or else you might be asking too much of your body too soon. Again, give your body time to adapt to this new physical demand. The more you allow your body to gradually get into running, the easier it will be for you to make running a lasting habit.


When you’re first starting to run, it’s important to make sure your breathing stays smooth natural. Because breathlessness only works against you, it’s a lot easier to keep running when your breathing stays under control. That’s why finding the right rhythm, even when you just want to walk at first, is important in order to breathe properly. The goal is to be able to carry on a short conversation as you run.

If you start to get side stitches, feel free to take a break from your run and walk for a while. This will give you the chance to get your breath back and let the side stitches disappear.


Many beginners think that they don’t need additional exercise on top of their running practice, but it’s pretty hard to get better at it without doing any other physical activity on the side. A strength training program is essential for relieving your lower body, which is put under significant stress by running, and toning your abdominal wall and upper body, which are all too often underworked even though they’re really important for running, too.

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FizzUp’s Ready to Run program is specially designed to help beginners and amateurs get better at running by strengthening their muscular base. Then at the end of your session, round out your training with some stretches to speed up recovery, relieve tension and boost flexibility. The more you train, the better your body will be able to absorb shock as you run.


When you take up running, you’ll most likely be changing other aspects of your lifestyle. Not only will you be practicing a new sport, but you’ll also want to change your nutrition by getting into healthier eating habits. By eating a diet that’s right for your active routine, you’ll aid your body in recovering after exercise. If you want to run longer and farther, then watching what you put on your plate is key. FizzUp’s nutritional guidance* can help.

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You’ll also want to get yourself the right equipment. Choosing the perfect pair of running shoes is vital when it comes to protecting your back and joints. And don’t forget to establish a healthy sleep pattern. Getting some restful shut-eye has a major impact on your running performance. Why not try some meditation to soothe stress and sleep peacefully, too?

With our beginner’s guide to running, you’ve got all the info you need to get better at this sport and fast. FizzUp’s Ready to Run program is waiting to help you hit the pavement with confidence!

*FizzUp Premium feature

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