How to Improve Your Endurance

Ready to knuckle down and take your fitness training to the next level? Then it might be time to think about how you can improve your endurance, especially if you’re involved in a variety of sports or physical activities. With FizzUp’s workout programs, not only will you bring about major change in your general fitness, but also enhance your ability to take on any physical demand with significantly improved lung power and muscular strength.


Endurance refers to your ability to sustain higher levels of physical effort for an extended period of time, and can be broken down into two types:

  • Muscular endurance, also known as anaerobic endurance, refers to your muscles’ ability to sustain higher levels of physical effort against a resistance for an extended period of time.

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  • Cardiovascular endurance refers to the physical effort of your lungs and cardiovascular system to supply enough oxygen to your muscles during exercise.


Let’s just say that if you want to boost your endurance, you can’t have muscular endurance without cardiovascular endurance. To build your muscular endurance, you need to be able to do a high number of repetitions with a light resistance, which could be your body weight or small dumbbells. Your FizzUp workout program improves this skill by giving you circuit training workouts as part of the “Build Muscle” and “Build Muscle with Equipment”* programs. These workout protocols have you do a specific number of repetitions for several strength training exercises that you repeat throughout the level.

Building your cardiovascular endurance goes hand in hand with building your muscular endurance. It gradually gets better as your lungs and cardiovascular system work to get you through the exercises.

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Longer workouts are key if you want to improve your endurance. Try extended, full-body workouts that will actively build every athletic skill. The longer your workout is, the more you’ll build your endurance. The FizzUp trainer has designed the “Become an Athlete”* goal to help you expand your body’s skill set.


Your FizzUp program brings you several ways to improve your endurance, like the Cal Burner Add-on* to add the power of HIIT to your workouts. HIIT (high-intensity interval training) enhances your physical fitness by turning up the intensity and turning down the length of each exercise. You’ll alternate between periods of high-intensity exercises and short rest times.

Using the HIIT method maximizes your VO₂ max, which is your maximum rate of oxygen consumption during exercise. Simply put, this is the amount of oxygen you’re able to extract from the air you inhale as you’re exercising. The higher your VO₂ max is, the higher your endurance will be. And the benefits of HIIT don’t stop there: HIIT workouts are short, so they get you more results in less time. You can also use them to improve your endurance at home, making them extremely convenient. And last but not least, with HIIT, you’ll burn maximum calories in minimum time.

That’s why the FizzUp Cal Burner Add-on* pushes you to do short, yet intense, exercises for maximum results with a variety of exercises such as burpees, rotating squat jumps, suicide drills and mountain climbers. Burn more calories per minute than with regular endurance activities like running. HIIT triggers the afterburn effect, also known as EPOC, which keeps you burning calories for up to 48 hours after your workout. Even when you’re at rest, you’re still burning calories. All this to say that we’ve designed your FizzUp program to build your athletic skills, including your endurance.

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Another way to lengthen your workouts or try a more intense workout on your rest day is to use the Full-Body Focus*. This five-minute mini-workout builds explosive strength and power. It includes exercises that work to get your heart pumping and your body torching calories. Some of our Challenges* also reinforce your muscular endurance and get your blood flowing. Check out our Single Workouts* and see that with FizzUp, the possibilities in your fitness training are endless. Don’t be shy! Be adventurous and discover all the FizzUp features that will have your endurance skyrocketing!

If your goal is to improve your endurance, your FizzUp program makes it so easy! Just try these tips from the FizzUp trainer and choose the right goals to boost your strength and lung power.

*FizzUp PRO feature

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