How to Get a Rounder Butt

Have you lost all hope in getting a better butt? Don’t be so hard on it! You probably haven’t been working it enough and it only needs to be whipped into shape. The FizzUp trainer tells you how to easily get a rounder butt. Why not start our Booty or Beach Body program?


If you want to tone up your glutes and melt fat in this area, FizzUp’s got two original workout programs to sculpt your butt:

  • Booty: Dreaming of a bubblier bum? This FizzUp program will help you reach your goal to boost your booty confidence. Booty is a three-week program you can do with dumbbells and/or a barbell or just with your own body weight.
  • Beach Body: We’ve designed the routine you need to sculpt and tone in less than three weeks. These 15-minute workouts target your abs and lower body without any without equipment!

If you’ve been thinking about bettering your behind, now’s the time to get started!

These FizzUp programs give you key exercises to build your butt, such as squats, which firm up your legs and glutes. It also includes other squat variations, such as squat jumps, pistol squats and rotating squat jumps. You’ll never get bored and notice how effective these easy exercises really are.

Exercising 20 minutes every other day helps you take back control of your body and slim down areas where fat tends to be stored, like in your butt and thighs. Regular physical activity fights cellulite for a firmer physique.

You can also try supplementing your fitness routine with a sport that builds your glutes faster. Rollerblading, cycling and taking the stairs are great options if you want rounder curves. On the other hand, running can have the opposite effect.


The program we recommend depends on your level of workout experience.

  • The Booty program contains no-equipment exercises that target your glutes to help you gain muscle mass with just three weeks of workouts. You can also use dumbbells or a barbell for even more results. This program won’t disappoint!
  • No matter what your experience, there’s a program for those of you who want to do bodyweight workouts that target your abs and lower body: Beach Body. Start this program now to reach your fitness goals with FizzUp. Beach Body tones and targets your abs and lower body with only three workouts a week.


If you want your workout routine to be the most effective, promoting muscle gain and fat burn through a balanced diet is key. Your eating habits should be right for your particular goal, which is why your program includes daily meal plans covering breakfast to dinner. You’ll know what to eat and how with our recipe videos. 80% of your results depend on your diet, so let FizzUp help you watch what you put on your plate.

Avoid mindless snacking, because this keeps you from getting toned curves. Instead, try eating fat-burning foods such as pineapple, which has a positive effect on your physique. Healthier habits make it easier to reach your goal for summer.

Forget all about restrictive diet plans. They only get you results that don’t last, while depleting your motivation and negatively impacting your health. Restoring a balance in your nutrition without depriving yourself and still enjoying what you eat will help you to reach and maintain your goal, keeping your glutes round and firm for a much longer time.

If your goal is to get a rounder butt, you need to have an effective fitness routine and eat a balanced diet. Choose a workout program that’s right for you and get into healthy habits to see results!

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