How to Get a Chiseled Chest for Summer

A lot of guys want to build their pecs for a more sculpted chest. Although they definitely look great, your pecs can also give you extra power and strength during your workouts. The FizzUp trainer explains how to get a chiseled chest for summer and why you should start the Beach Body program now!


Your pecs are made up of three different muscles: the pectoral major, the pectoral minor and the subclavius. The pectoralis major is an extremely wide muscle that extends from the thorax to the humerus. It makes up the middle and upper part of your pecs and enables you to lower your shoulders and keep them stable. The pectoralis minor, found under the pectoral major, also enables you to lower your shoulders and keeps your shoulder blades straight and toward the body. The subclavius is a small muscle located under the pectoralis major, which enables you to lower your clavicle.

These three muscles help you bend, rotate and adduct your arms. They contribute to your breathing as accessory inspiratory muscles, meaning that they enable your rib cage to expand.


Bodyweight strength training can help you gain muscle mass and volume in your pecs. Push-ups are the perfect exercise to do if you want to build your pecs. Doing different variations, positions and grips of this exercise is important in order to build all your pec muscles.

Wide-grip push-ups work the outer part of your pecs, whereas close-grip push-ups make the sternum visible, which is often highly sought after by men. FizzUp incorporates this exercise into your muscle-building workouts to improve your resistance and muscular endurance. What’s muscular endurance? It’s the ability to repeat an exercise against a resistance for an extended period of time. It builds power, explosiveness and strength. There are many push-up variations, such as hindu push-ups, explosive push-ups and incline push-ups. They’re all waiting for you in your FizzUp program!

Another effective bodyweight exercise for building your pecs is bench dips. Not only do they strengthen your biceps, but also the lower part of your pecs. They’re so easy and you only need a chair or coffee table to do them.


Getting a chiseled chest for summer is a breeze when you choose the muscle-building program that’s right for you. FizzUp is a bodyweight strength training program available on your smart device or online. It’s hassle-free and will get you maximum results. Take your trainer everywhere and do your workout whenever works best for you. It’s equipment-free and only uses your body weight to build your muscles, giving you an evenly sculpted physique. Your program is right for you and only you, with completely personalized workouts using an initial evaluation to determine your starting fitness level and physical potential according to your current goal.

FizzUp Premium gives you access to a wide range of programs that target a muscle group. The Beach Body program brings you a mix of bodyweight exercises that are the most effective in building muscle in your pecs. It will turn you into a pro at every kind of push-up. Start the Beach Body program now to intensify your muscle development in your pecs and throughout your upper body!

FizzUp tip: Avoid these 7 mistakes that are keeping you from building muscle with tips from the trainer.

The FizzUp program makes getting a chiseled chest for summer possible. Let the trainer be your guide and do the workout that’s right for your current fitness goal. How many push-up reps will you be able to do in a row?

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