How to Flatten Your Stomach

Want to sculpt your abs and flatten your stomach? Who doesn’t?! The good news is that you’ve got the power to transform your physique with the Flat Stomach Focus*! Strengthening your abdominal wall should be coupled with a healthy diet. Start your online Flat Stomach Focus* program and enjoy tips from the trainer while getting back confidence in yourself and your stomach.


Besides being easy on the eyes, there’s a real advantage to having developed abs: they make it easier to breathe, to maintain a healthy everyday posture and to correctly support the organs in your abdomen. We’re referring to the muscles in your midsection that are located between your thorax and lower body. They’re made up of five symmetrical pairs of muscles: the transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, pyramidal, and the external and internal obliques.

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To flatten your stomach, working all your abdominal muscles is the key to balanced and faster results. With the Flat Stomach Focus* that’s included in your FizzUp PRO program, you’ll get a variety of exercises to work your muscles and guarantee long-lasting results. The exercises change at the beginning of every level so that you’ll stay motivated to stick with your fitness training. Get results in as little as six weeks of diligent fitness training.

With 9 workouts per level, each taking less than five minutes, this mini-program is a perfect supplement to your FizzUp fitness training and makes it easier for you to reach your current fitness goal. The 10 progressive levels of this Focus program* are made up of:

  • Dynamic core strengthening: This is how you can strengthen your deep abs, such as your transverse abdominis and obliques. It slims your hips and helps you get the “flat stomach” look. In your everyday life, it also improves back support for better posture.
  • Crunches: In your program you’ll find traditional crunches, oblique crunches, reverse crunches and many others. These exercises are easy and effective so that you can actually reach your aesthetic goal. They work the rectus abdominis, the muscle that gives you the “six-pack” look.

The goal of the Flat Stomach Focus* is simple: to effectively build muscle and provide better support for your torso while sculpting your abdomen. We know you’re going to love these effective exercises to flatten your stomach.

Trainer’s tip: Always remember to pull in your stomach and keep breathing normally when you do each exercise in the Flat Stomach Focus*. This way, you’ll build your transverse abdominis as you do any exercise.


Using exercises to only focus on your abs isn’t the best method to flatten your stomach. You might overtrain a part of your abs and end up with an even bigger belly. For balanced and even results, you need to strengthen your entire body. A FizzUp workout consists of bodyweight exercises that develop several muscle groups at the same time. Your abs never stop working, even when you do high-intensity exercises (HIIT).

With the cardio exercises included in your FizzUp fitness training, you’ll burn excess fat. You’ll increase the number of calories you burn during and even up to several hours after your workout, which is called EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). Because if you want to flatten your stomach, you need to lose weight. That’s why strengthening your abs is such a great supplement to your cardio exercises.

Trainer’s tip: To shake up your workout and engage additional muscles, you can also alternate between the Flat Stomach Focus* and the Thighs-Abs-Glutes Focus*. You’ll tone your lower body and slim down your entire physique.


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If you want to flatten your stomach, you need to make your abs visible. Working them is a one thing, but all your effort could go to waste if you don’t watch what you put on your plate. A layer of excess fat might be hiding your abs.

Forget about diet plans! Healthy, balanced and varied eating habits can help you slim down, without any hassle or frustration. Wholesome nutrition should never be limiting or restrictive. The FizzUp Nutrition Guide can give you the guidance you need to reach your goal. Created with the help of sports nutritionist Anthony Berthou, the FizzUp Nutrition Guide includes over 150 tips, tricks and recipes to help you get into new eating habits.

Trainer’s tip: Don’t forget that your mental wellness and sleep impact your weight loss.

The Flat Stomach Focus* coupled with a balanced diet is guaranteed to help you reach your fitness goal. Flattening your stomach doesn’t have to be a headache; it just has to be a part of a lasting fitness routine that meets both your health and aesthetic needs. Start your Focus program* now!

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