How to Effectively Build Muscle with the FizzUp Premium Focus Programs

Your efforts on the mat deserve to be rewarded with results! That’s why FizzUp has created a must-have tool to help you gain muscle mass: the Focus programs*. These mini-workouts allow you to target a specific area of your body that you want to strengthen. With a little guidance, it’s easy to effectively build muscle with the Focus programs!

Hone in on one or more muscle groups with the Focus programs

The choice is yours with the Focus programs! With routines designed specially for men and women, you can choose exactly which area you want to bulk up or tone. Our wide range of Focus programs makes reaching your body goals a breeze.

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These less-than-five-minute workout routines are the perfect add-on to your FizzUp program. Do them at the end of your workout or on your rest day. They’re short enough to not add any extra fatigue to your muscles.

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Here are the areas the Focus programs target:

  • Abs: Strengthen your midsection and watch your abs start to pop.
  • Back: Try the best strength training exercises for your back, like rows, single-leg deadlifts and pull-up variations to get you a V-shaped torso.
  • Arms: Build your biceps to show off powerful arms and maximize your repetitions for exercises using just your bodyweight or equipment.
  • Shoulders: A bigger upper body wouldn’t be complete without broader shoulders. The Shoulders Focus will help you evenly build your physique.
  • Legs: Never skip leg day! Sculpt your thighs and boost the physical potential of your lower body with this Focus.
  • Glutes (women only): If a bombshell booty is built using special glute-forging exercises, then you’re going to love this Focus that will add up to 2 cm of muscle around your behind.

The Focus programs are the ideal add-on to your strength training workouts

The Focus programs can get you a more muscular physique, but they shouldn’t replace your regular FizzUp strength training program, so don’t put that on the back burner or else you could slow down your progress. If you want to add a Focus program to your fitness routine, you can do a few on the day of your workout or on your rest day. The only rule is that you should always do them in the same order. If you want to do a Focus program the same day as your regular workout, you should always do it afterward so that the exercises in the Focus stay properly calibrated to your level of muscle fatigue. Consistently working your muscles under the same conditions ensures the difficulty of the Focus program will constantly be right for you.

Working out every day can make it harder for you to gain muscle. Recovery plays a vital in muscle regeneration by stimulating growth. That’s why taking your rest days is so important. Because they only last five minutes or less, the Focus programs allow you to continue your fitness training without interrupting your recovery cycle. This length doesn’t add to your body’s fatigue, enabling it to keep regenerating muscle tissue with ease.

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Less is more, which is why the FizzUp trainer recommends only doing a maximum of two Focus programs at any given time. After you’ve finished the first level for these two Focus programs, you can see how your body was able to handle the extra effort and if you want to switch to different Focus programs.

The Focus programs are just one of the many features you can discover with FizzUp Premium. Build muscle and tone up with less time and effort. And that’s not all. When you get FizzUp Premium, you’ll also gain access to all-new strength training programs and nutritional guidance for muscle gain. Say goodbye to a repetitive workout routine. FizzUp Premium is about to revolutionize your fitness training experience.

*FizzUp Premium feature

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