Get Stronger with Core Training!

To some, the term “core training” might sound as scary as an approaching swarm of bees. But actually, it’s a simple and worthwhile kind of workout that can boost the strength you need in your everyday life and for your regular workout routine. Read on to learn all the reasons you should be doing core training!

Working your deep muscles

Fitness trainers agree: core training is one of the best workouts for targeting your abs. This kind of exercise strengthens your torso and zeros in on your deep abs muscles and back, a very important muscle group known as the “core.” This area of your body contains the muscles that stabilize your posture, notably your transverse abdominis (the deepest abdominal muscle), pelvic floor (a hammock-shaped muscle located between your pubis and anus that supports your organs), obliques and lower back.

A stronger physique

Core training is recommended for everyone and is something anyone can do. The benefits you get from training your core impact both your daily life and your athletic abilities for your physical activities.

In everyday life, with a solid torso you can:

  • Stand up straighter, which relieves back pain
  • Improve your balance and proprioception (your sense of body positioning in space) by increasing your joint stability
  • Sculpt your physique and flatten your tummy
  • Maintain or boost your weight loss: core training exercises involve a set of muscles that increase metabolism and stimulate calorie burn while you’re at rest

More effective workouts

Core training also offers a variety of perks for physical activity, too. With fortified abs and a stronger back you can:

  • Improve your posture, movement and exercise technique, which in turn keeps injuries at bay
  • Have better balance and do more demanding exercises
  • Increase the power and strength of your muscles for higher performance in your sports and physical activities, from running to CrossFit to yoga
  • Improve your ability to transfer strength, which reduces muscle fatigue and makes you more resistant to physical effort
  • Make faster progress toward your goal

Getting started with core training

People of absolutely all fitness levels can reap the rewards of core training, which brings together an assortment of exercises based on the essential “plank” position. 

Whether you’re on your hands or on your elbows, on your knees or on your toes, doing a static plank or a dynamic plank, there are a thousand and one variations of the traditional plank with endless possibilities to explore. Try them all to keep your workout interesting and challenge yourself from one exercise to the next. Core training makes the perfect supplement to your regular workout or sports routine.

So how should you get into core training? FizzUp has just released a workout program of three workouts a week that will target your core with fun exercises that are right for your fitness level. Each workout contains the top core exercises designed to strengthen your abs and back in depth, such as the plank, full-body crunches, glute bridges, twist crunches, dynamic elbow plank, straight-arm plank with shoulder touches, mountain climbers and elbow side plank. Our trainers have thought of everything to help you develop a solid torso and have a blast doing it.

Strength training is an important part of any workout routine. It deeply tones the center of your body, corrects your posture, ensures better balance and helps you excel faster in your physical activity. FizzUp’s Core Training program brings you a wide range of core training and other abdominal exercises, so try it now!

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