FizzUp Winning Strategy For December

December is probably one the months when your workout motivation is at its lowest. During the festive season, the stores bursting with all kinds of mouthwatering treats and there’s lots to celebrate with a hearty meal. With so much going on, we’re guessing that working out isn’t really on your mind. Instead of letting your progress slip, Max your trainer has created the FizzUp winning strategy for you to try this December to keep your results intact and help you spend less time on the mat.


Feel your motivation taking a hit in December? Then change your FizzUp program to easily keep up your progress. Max from FizzUp recommends the Essentials program, which combines the top cardio and strength training exercises that are simple and equipment free.

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With Essentials, you’ve got the power to experience FizzUp your way. Do some cardio to burn calories, try the abs exercises to help sculpt your tummy or cool down with some stretches to boost your flexibility. The choice is yours! Don’t have much time or energy? No problem! You can do just the basics of Essentials by skipping the cardio, abs and stretching blocks of exercises. This program is yours to customize.

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Need to kick your motivation into high gear? Then do one of the FizzUp Advent Calendar challenges! Every day from December 1 to 25, we’re bringing you a new one.

With the Focus programs*, you can take the customization of your workout experience to the next level. These mini-routines target a specific area of your body that you want to build or sculpt. Do a quick Focus program to keep up your Rhythm score and burn off a few extra Christmas calories, because five minutes of exercise in a day is better than no exercise at all!

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Looking for a way to spice up your workout but still be doing something to reach your goal? Then check out the “Single Workouts” tab, where you’ll find the FizzUp Premium* challenges that will shake up your routine to give your motivation a boost. These workouts will put your athletic abilities to the test to melt fat, build strength and increase your cardio endurance. And the best part? These challenges change every 15 days, so try them before they’re gone!


End-of-year celebrations mean hearty meals that are usually covered and loaded with fat, but listen to the FizzUp trainer: no deprivation is allowed! The festive season only comes once a year, so why not enjoy yourself in moderation? You just have to know how to balance your diet. Here are a few tips to keep weight gain to a minimum.

  • Avoid eating bread during a high-calorie meal. Your carb intake usually skyrockets because of this bad habit.
  • Make the right choices when you have an appetizer. Focus on eating raw vegetables, avoid having several helpings and try to not drink too many beers or glasses of wine.
  • During your meal, don’t forget to take the time to chew so that you start to feel full faster. If you do this, you’re less likely to have seconds and might even have a smaller serving of dessert.

When you go grocery shopping, buy more seasonal fruits and vegetables. They give your body the vitamins, minerals and fiber it needs. Feel free to pile them up on your plate because they’re usually low in calories and can help your digestion by reducing bloating.

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To keep you losing weight with a healthy and balanced diet, your favorite fitness app also brings you over 250 recipes and videos*. You’ll also find FizzUp’s meal planner to help you easily adapt your diet to suit your fitness goal.

Try FizzUp’s winning strategy for December to keep your progress on a steady incline all through the festive season and be ready to tackle your body resolutions in 2019!

*FizzUp Premium feature

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