Build Your Thigh Muscles with the Square Jump

The square jump is an integral movement in the FizzUp fitness training program. An exercise that’s equipment­-free, intense, effective and one that anybody can do, it’s not only great for building your thighs but also your calves and glutes all while building your cardiovascular endurance. Still wondering what the square jump is? Here’s all you need to know.

How to do a square jump correctly

Like any exercise, the square jump needs to be correctly executed in order to guarantee the best possible results and avoid any discomfort, especially in your back. To help you better understand this exercise, here’s a detailed description of it in a few steps:square jump 01


Starting position: Stand with your feet shoulder-­width apart.

Step 1: ​Bend your legs as if you were going to sit or do a squat. When your thighs are parallel to the floor, use this momentum to jump forward. Soften your landing as much as possible by first coming down onto the balls of your feet and then your heels. You’re now back in the squat position.

Steps 2, 3 and 4: Continue the same movement as you jump to the left, backward and to the right as you “draw” a square, hence the name of the exercise. You can then repeat this movement sequence as many times as you can during the allocated time.

Tips from the FizzUp Trainer

Don’t rush it: Athletes often do this exercise too fast. To do it correctly, you must take the time to find your balance between each jump: always land on the balls of your feet before putting your heels back on the floor. Be sure to do a squat correctly between each jump rather than continue with another repetition without doing the entire movement.

Jump the same distance every time: If the exercise is called the square jump, that’s because the general idea is to draw a square. However, it’s easier to jump too far forward than too far backward. That’s why it’s good to remember to balance out your jumps so that you can stay focused and do the movement correctly.

Which muscles does the square jump work?

The square jump is a strength training exercise that combines squats with jumps. This makes it ideal for working all the muscles in your legs and building your thighs. Here’s the list.

square jump 02

Gluteal muscles: ​Repetitive bending, jumping and landing works all your gluteal muscles. This is great if you want perfectly round glutes.

Thigh and calf muscles: T​hanks to the square jump, you work your quads, hamstrings and calves. You’ll effectively and naturally slim down, firm and strengthen your legs.

Stabiliser muscles in the knees and hips: These muscles help maintain your joints. Developing them improves your posture and prevents possible injury.

Cardio variations of the squat jump

The FizzUp personalized fitness training program is made up of more than 200 exercises. Such a variety makes it possible for you to target any body part you like and stay motivated while having fun getting in shape. Here are two alternatives to the square jump which also mainly work your lower body muscles while also building your cardiovascular endurance:

Squat jump: ​The idea is the same as the square jump (combining a squat with a jump), except that the jumps are vertical.

square jump 04

Suicide drills: This cardio exercise is quite different from the square jump. Start by standing with your feet close together. Next, you just need to take quick alternating side steps as you touch your foot with the opposite hand.

square jump 05

What are the benefits of the square jump?

The square jump is the perfect exercise for building your thighs, calves and glutes.​ But that’s not the only benefit you’ll get from it. If you put enough energy into the square jump, it can really help you build cardiovascular endurance. I​t triggers an increased metabolic response, which makes it an ideal exercise for burning calories​ and eliminating excess fat.

Thanks to repetitive bending, jumping and landing, the square jump exercise allows you to work your muscles in a plyometric contraction. This type of muscle strengthening is ideal for improving your explosiveness, reaction time and agility. It also helps you relax. Improving these physical skills not only proves to be really useful in daily life, but also when competitively building your thighs as a physical activity.

What about you? What’s your favorite exercise for building your leg muscles?

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