Are You Ready to Step Up to the Pistol Squat Challenge?

The ability to do the perfect pistol squat, otherwise known as the one-legged squat, requires patience and motivation! The movement might look easy, but this bodyweight exercise is actually pretty demanding. You need strength, balance and flexibility. As a unilateral exercise, it requires physical effort that’s relatively different from the traditional squat that you’re used to. The FizzUp trainer is here to help you gradually strengthen your entire body and give you the steps you should take to step up to the challenge of mastering the pistol squat!

Make progress with pistol squat variations

Challenge accepted! Now you’ve stepped up to the plate. Few people are able to do the pistol squat correctly on the first try. Effectively working your lower body muscles on a regular basis is vital. Using the many variations of exercises included in your FizzUp workout, you can gradually build enough strength, resistance and balance to do this muscle-building exercise. Here are three squat variations that will put you on the path to success.

The traditional squat: An exercise that needs no introduction! In addition to being the most well-known bodyweight exercise to tone your legs and glutes, it’s also highly effective and easy to do.




The squat jump: This plyometric exercise combines a traditional squat with a vertical jump. It’s great for building explosive strength and power.



The square jump: It combines traditional squats and proprioception with jumping. It’s also ideal for working all the muscles in your legs, as well as your endurance and balance.



How to do the perfect pistol squat

Using your personalized FizzUp fitness training program and depending on your starting fitness level, it could take you a few weeks before you can do an effective pistol squat. Once you’re ready, all you have to do is get familiar with the movement. Each leg works in turn, which is what makes it a unilateral exercise. That’s why the joint pressure in your knees especially strong. To reduce the risk of injury, doing the exercise the right way is key.



Starting position: Stand with your arms at your sides with one leg extended forward.

Step 1: As you inhale, lower your body until your thigh is parallel to the floor. For the first few tries, most people can’t lower their body very low, and that’s ok. This is typical for beginners. The most important thing is doing the movement correctly without too much force. But once you’ve mastered the movement, you’ll have a wider range of motion.

Step 2: While continuing to keep your back straight, exhale and push up on your leg to return to the starting position. You’ve just completed your first pistol squat. Repeat the exercise and be sure to rest between sets. Then, switch legs.

Tips from the FizzUp trainer

“To start off right, use an elevated surface to help you keep your balance.”: The first time you try to do a pistol squat, it’s hard to keep your balance and get the stability you need. Ideally, you should stand next a wall, chair or any other elevated surface. Place the hand opposite your working leg on the elevated surface.

“Always keep the heel supporting your body weight on the floor.”: One of the mistakes people often make when doing this exercise is not keeping their heel on the floor. To make this exercise more effective and get faster results, remember to not move your foot throughout the movement.

What are the benefits of the pistol squat

The pistol squat is an excellent exercise that offers many benefits. In addition to building muscle in your legs, it’s also guaranteed to help you noticeably improve several athletic skills.



Muscles worked

Doing reps of this exercise uses all the muscles in your lower body: glutes, calves, hamstrings and quads… it works them all! Your stabilizer muscles, such as your abs and lower back muscles, are also used and guarantee that you’ll have good balance and can do the exercise correctly.

Athletic skills you’ll build

Using the pistol squat, you can build your muscle strength, explosive strength and increase your flexibility. Working your proprioception and coordination helps you improve your balance and mobility. When you do this exercise correctly and at a faster pace, it also builds your cardiovascular endurance.

With FizzUp, take on the pistol squat challenge to get toned and muscular legs! The trainer is there to guide you every day with a 100% customized fitness training program that’s right for your current fitness level. Build your body’s muscles and develop your athletic skills at your own pace.

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