9 Ways to Stay Hydrated

Here are nine ways to stay hydrated throughout the day from the FizzUp trainer. You haven’t even begun to see all the good things water can do for you: besides being an athlete’s best friend, it plays an important role in your everyday life that shouldn’t be overlooked!

Drinking water is a matter of good habits

To make sure your body won’t let you down when you get dehydrated, here are a few easy habits you can get into.

1 | Always keep your water bottle handy

By now you should know that just because you’re not thirsty doesn’t mean you don’t need to drink water. At the office, in class, during your workout or on the bus, make sure you always have a bottle of water on you. It’s still the best way to stay hydrated. Drinking water only when you eat or during your breaks throughout the day isn’t enough.stay_hydrated_01

2 | Try different types of water

To stay hydrated, try as many different types of water as you can. Spring water and mineral water are best. For sparkling water, avoid brands that are really high in sodium. Drink water that’s high in sodium bicarbonate and low in chloride ions. This will help you maintain a healthy acid-base balance. By drinking different types of water, you can enjoy the benefits that each one has for your body.

3 | Stop buying soft drinks

Some people love soft drinks, but beware, because they’re one of the worst ways to stay hydrated. Besides containing many ingredients that are bad for your health, these drinks are extremely high in sugar. This can completely throw off your glycemic index in record time. If you avoid buying these drinks, you can avoid being tempted to drink them once you get home.

4 | Don’t trust sports drinks

Many brands boast about the powers and benefits of their drinks for your health or athletic performance. This is just one of their sales arguments, among many others. These drinks are actually quite often loaded with sugar and other ingredients, which your body can definitely do without. Make sure to read the label carefully before making a purchase.

5 | Drink water at parties

Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it quickly dehydrates your body. In addition to reducing how much alcohol you drink for the many reasons you already know, the FizzUp team recommends drinking a glass of water between every glass of alcohol. This will help your body stay properly hydrated. And make no mistake, needing to go to the restroom often doesn’t mean that you drank too much water; it’s simply because of the diuretic effects of alcohol.

What’s more, drinking a glass of water between every glass of alcohol reduces your chance of getting a hangover the next day. This keeps your brain hydrated so that your headache will be much less painful the morning after.

6 | Watch out for salt

Besides being extremely bad for health, salt is also the number one enemy of staying hydrated. Don’t be fooled: salt may make you thirsty, but it does nothing to help keep you hydrated. Salt mostly triggers water retention and makes it harder for your body to benefit from being hydrated. So watch how much salad dressing, soup, salted nuts, pretzels, cured meats and canned foods you eat.

Staying hydrated is good for your health and your enjoyment

Water is a key factor for keeping you hydrated on a daily basis. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t keep things interesting. Here are some FizzUp tips for staying hydrated by trying different flavors in your water and reaping their many benefits.

7 | Show your creativi… tea!

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of different teas and their benefits… you can drink as much of them as you like.

  • Green tea: Used for its many virtues in Eastern medicine, green tea prevents oxidative stress, decreases the risk of cancer and helps you lose weight, in addition to being alkaline-forming (it lowers your body’s acidity, just like lemon does).
  • Black tea: It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, relaxes your muscles and stimulates your nervous system.
  • White tea: Less popular in the West, it has anti-carcinogenic properties that are much stronger than the ones in green tea. It also helps fight oxidative stress.
  • Red tea: Known as an effective fat burner, people who are trying to lose weight will love this beverage.

Drinking is the most effective way to detoxify your body. If you don’t like tea, drinking herbal teas are just as good, in addition to your everyday water intake. Just like tea, there are many kinds of herbal teas.

8 | Make your own beverages

To know exactly what’s in the beverage you’re drinking, just make your own. Combine your favorite fruits with aromatic plants such as mint and a bit of honey and enjoy!

9 | Don’t forget fruit

Fruits are indeed a great way to stay hydrated, because they all contain large amounts of water. For example, watermelon is a great way to get hydrated without even realizing it. Besides hydrating you, you can also get your fill of vitamins and minerals. What’s more, it’s much easier for you to absorb minerals than when you drink mineral water. Your body better absorbs the so-called organic nutrients. These minerals are found in fruit, not mineral water. That’s why fruit is perfect for staying hydrated, especially after an intense workout when you broke out a sweat.

With these nine FizzUp techniques, never again will you fall victim to dehydration. You can stay hydrated with these tips, all while doing something good for your body and enjoying it. Soon you’ll feel the benefits.

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