7 Mistakes That Are Keeping You from Building Muscle

Did you know that building muscle is as just as hard as losing weight? To gain muscle mass, it’s actually not enough to do one strength training workout after the other. Other factors also come into play. To help you get a clearer picture and avoid making mistakes (which are what can keep you from making progress), FizzUp, the leading fitness training service in France, is bringing you our tips.


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Mistakes made during your workout

1 | You’re doing your exercises incorrectly

Doing the movements correctly is vital if you want to build muscle. If you want to get stronger, you need to work your muscles correctly. For example, a plank exercise done incorrectly will only work part of your abdominals. The same goes for other exercises. That’s why it’s important that you do the right movements, have the right position and a good attitude in order to focus your efforts on the desired part of your body. Without having the right posture and doing the exercises correctly, you won’t get very much out of them. Doing your bodyweight strength training exercises by the book is how you’ll start making progress.

2 | You aren’t working out regularly

Getting involved and working out regularly are the keys to success with any workout program. To make progress, you need to take working out seriously by working out diligently and giving it all you’ve got. Have fun while working out. Never throw in the towel! Remember what your goals are if you need more motivation and the desire to work out. If you do your muscle-building workout when you don’t feel like it, you’ll be proud of yourself when you’re done and manage to get into fitness habits that will help you reach your goal.

Working out seriously also means working out intelligently. If your program isn’t designed correctly, your workouts are badly structured or you’re not making optimal progress throughout your program, you won’t build muscle, or at least, you’ll make slower progress. You need to give yourself every chance to succeed by relying on methods that work.

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Mistakes made on your plate

Nutrition is all too often overlooked by people wanting to build muscle or is associated with people wanting to lose weight. But your diet plays a major role in successfully building muscle. Thanks to the FizzUp Nutrition Guide and tips from the trainer, you’ll discover how to turn your diet into your strongest ally to build muscle and get the strong physique you’ve been dreaming of.

3 | You’re not eating enough

If you want to build muscle, your diet should provide you with the energy you need. Your body is constantly using energy to breathe, make your brain function, and most importantly, enable you to work out. That’s why building muscle is no easy task for your body. Your energy balance needs to be in surplus, meaning that your diet needs to provide your body with more calories than it consumes. That’s what makes it a challenge for people who have a poor appetite or burn lots of calories. Building muscle requires them to eat more than what they’re used to.

4 | You’re not getting enough protein

In order for your muscles to rebuild and grow after a workout, they need protein. If your diet isn’t providing your body with enough protein, your muscles won’t have the necessary fuel to ensure that they’re properly rebuilt.

[quote cite=’The FizzUp Nutrition Guide’ align=’none’]To calculate your daily protein requirement, assuming that you’re now exercising regularly thanks to your FizzUp workouts, you need to multiply your body weight by 1.5 to get the amount in grams of protein you should be consuming in a day in order to gain muscle mass. For example, a person weighing 165 lb (75 kg). who wants to gain muscle mass should eat about 110g of protein per day.[/quote]

5 | You’re eating badly

Eating a lot isn’t synonymous with eating badly. It’s not only important to keep your calorie intake high, but also to eat high-quality foods. In addition to calories, your body needs many micronutrients to function correctly. A fast-food meal represents a massive calorie intake, but one that’s very low in micronutrients. Your body won’t get the vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids or amino acids it needs to function and create muscle. Start eating a varied diet that’s high in nutrient-dense calories and high-quality fat to reach your goal to build muscle.

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Everyday mistakes

6 | Your lifestyle leaves a lot to be desired

You can compare your body to a clock. Everything works when it’s set correctly. By getting into good habits such as eating healthy foods at set times, going to bed early, getting enough sleep and exercising, you’ll have better luck setting your internal clock. As a result, your entire body will function better. Learn to sleep better to feel the positive effects it has on helping you reach your goal. Your body will then secrete more hormones that help your muscles grow. You’ll also be in overall better shape. Getting into a healthy lifestyle means giving your body the balance it needs in order to build muscle.

7 | You’re not taking enough time to recover between workouts

Quantity doesn’t equal quality. This also goes for exercise. To build muscle, working out is important, but so is recovery. Between two workouts, your muscles need to get enough rest in order to rebuild. Relentlessly doing one workout after another can work your muscles too much. Your joints and tendons will also be strained. You even risk getting the opposite effect of the one you wanted. That’s why working out without giving yourself a day to rest can prove to be counterproductive. Remember that your diet also determines how well your muscles recover: eat more omega 3 for more efficient recovery after exercise.

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