7 Good Reasons Why You Should Love Doing Reps

As you read in the article Reps and Workouts: Why They’re Important, there are many good reasons why you should do reps throughout your FizzUp workout program. Your FizzUp trainer gives you seven good reasons why you’re going to love doing reps and always keep trying to beat your personal record.

1 | They build your muscles


Doing reps of an exercise is what builds your muscles through motor unit recruitment. Until now, your muscles have always experienced the same intensity. With reps, you’ll make the exercise more intense and work your muscle fibers even more, which will gradually develop so that you can endure the physical effort that’s needed to do a certain exercise. Workouts and reps are the basic combination if you want to build your muscles. The more you work them, the faster they grow. The number of reps should always vary so that you don’t hit a plateau and continue to develop your muscles.

2 | They strengthen your joints and tendons

Starting a bodyweight strength training program like FizzUp’s means that you’re determined to build your muscles, but that program also needs to take your wellness into account. Doing reps of an exercise that’s part of your FizzUp level prevents injury because your joints and tendons are used to the effort needed to do the exercise. They gradually get stronger.

After you do your evaluation at the beginning of a level, the number of reps the program gives you during the level is in line with your current physical ability. There’s no way you’ll hurt yourself or damage your joints or tendons because an exercise was too intense for you! The effort you put in is only the effort you’re capable of.

3 | They improve your body and physical performance


The reps you do during your workout program strengthen your joints and tendons, which improves your coordination, strength and muscular endurance. When you do fewer than 10 reps of an exercise, you build your strength. Then, when you can do more than 10 reps, you’ll be strong enough to start building your strength endurance. This is the ability to repeat an exercise against a resistance for an extended period of time.

You’ll also gradually become more and more skilled with your body. You’ll improve your balance and agility. You’ll increase your ability to resist against an exercise so that you won’t get tired as quickly. And best of all, your everyday activities are made easier.

4 | They make you a fitness expert

Doing reps turns you into an expert in strength training, muscle building and fitness. You’ll be more confident during your workout and able to explain to your friends, family, coworkers or workout partners how to do an exercise correctly. When you work out at the office, you’ll stand out from the crowd thanks to your newly developed fitness skills.

5 | They help you discover more of your body

The more repetitions of an exercise you can do in a set, the more you’ll be able to feel your muscles working in specific areas of your body. You’ll discover new muscles that will start to appear in your arms, legs, back, and your abdomen. You’ll really be able to feel that your muscles were actively working after doing a workout in sets, circuits or pyramids. You’ll build a body that can take on a variety of intense muscular exercises.

6 | They push you beyond your limits


During the first evaluation on a FizzUp level, you’ll see how physically fit you are right now when you see how many reps of an exercise you can do. That’s when you’ll find out how many repetitions you should be able to beat when you do the next evaluation. The program then intelligently tells you how many reps to do so that you can beat your personal record.

7 | They make your workout more fun

It gets easier to get through your entire workout because you start to get used to the energy you have to put into it. You’ll be able to do the exercises correctly and stop feeling any pain that could be a sign of injury. For example, even when your thighs are burning, you’ll be able to do more squat reps. You’ll have control of your own body and learn how to work it even when you’re experiencing muscle fatigue, just like high-level athletes do in order to keep their performance at its max. You’ll really enjoy going beyond your limits and start to see your workout as a necessary part of your life.

You’ll also eliminate everyday stress and tension. You’ll feel absolutely radiant and proud of yourself when you start to notice the progress you’ve made.

These seven good reasons for why you should love doing reps will help you see your FizzUp workout program from a different perspective. Now that you know the ins and outs of your workout, you can put your heart and soul into it.

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