5 Tips to Help You Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination is a problem that plagues the entire human race. Who’s never said, “I’ll do it tomorrow,” “I’m not ready,” or “I don’t have enough time”? All of these are excuses that could be holding you back from better fitness! Luckily, you CAN fight procrastination by gradually getting into habits that will help you stay proactive. Finding the ways to keep you out of a vicious circle and supercharging your drive to reach your goals is essential. The FizzUp trainer is coming to the rescue with his five tips to help you stop procrastinating.


Sometimes, we keep putting off that fateful moment when it’s time to start our workout or do any other task that’s meant to help us reach a goal that’s so extreme, we don’t think we would reach it anyway. Sadly, the more we dwell our fears in terms of what we want to achieve, the less likely we are to take action. Even though it’s smart to know what you’re shooting for, you need to be living in the present moment and take on each task step-by-step in order to conquer bigger goals without falling behind.

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FizzUp trainer’s tip: Before you even think about the finish line and the journey it takes to get there, get ahead by setting small goals for yourself. For instance, instead of wanting run a marathon or lose 50 lb before summer starts, set your sights on eating more vegetables, saying no to soda, losing half a pound every week or doing 20 minutes of exercise a day. Yes, it’s good to set your goals high, but if you’re prone to procrastination, doing so isn’t in your favor because then you’ll never reach it. If you set and reach small goals at regular intervals, you’ll find it a lot easier to tell yourself to keep going and conquer those goals one by one.


Keeping a journal where you write down and track everything you’ve accomplished and everything you’re going to accomplish day to day is empowering on some level (much liking having a planner). Regularly keeping track of what you’ve done, what you’re doing and what you’ll do is what will help you stick to your commitments. This method keeps you active and thinking about the next step. Having a clear vision of your routine makes it a lot easier to steer clear of procrastination. Remember, to know where you’re going, you have to know where you’ve been!

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FizzUp trainer’s tip: Having a file on your computer or just a notebook that you use only for tracking your progress is one of the keys to working out regularly. All you have to do is record the factors that are impacted by your efforts, like your weight, measurements, maximum number of repetitions or your eating habits, to help you set short-term goals based on how these factors have been changing recently. And don’t forget to check out your progress reports in your FizzUp app!


To add to our first tip, when you feel like you’re at a dead end and facing an enormous pile of work to do, it’s easy to think that you’ll never get it all done. Thinking about taking action seems impossible when the end looks so far away. The only way to shake off this fear is to start small and focus on minor tasks to accomplish instead of your ultimate goal.

FizzUp trainer’s tip: Most goals are focused on getting results and this can lead to several issues that are strongly connected to your ego. Instead, focus on task-oriented goals, like sticking to your workout routine and cooking your own healthy meals, to get results that last. Try to achieve tiny feasible victories and use them like trampolines to propel you toward even bigger accomplishments. Challenge yourself to do one task a day… something that’s like a stepping stone toward your goal.

Every time you finish one of these tasks, you’ll be laying another brick as you build your way up to your goal. These tiny everyday victories are exactly what you need to clear away the cobwebs your plans have been collecting all because of procrastination.


Don’t throw in the towel! Even if you end up wanting to quit on the first day you start new eating habits or a new workout routine when you’re already halfway to your goal, don’t let a simple failure keep you from pushing on. The road to success is laden with obstacles; don’t let procrastinating take it away from you and never stop trying. This goes for most things in life, so why think that this doesn’t include exercise and nutrition? It’s rare to reach your goals the first time you try.

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FizzUp trainer’s tip: We know it’s important to stay disciplined in your everyday life, but what matters most is that you persevere. If you give up, then you lose any chance of getting ahead! It doesn’t matter how many times you failed in the past. Continuing to focus on the task at hand is the only way you’ll succeed.


Without a doubt, this is one the most surefire ways to stop procrastinating. Getting the guidance of a trainer helps you keep your eyes on the prize and take the guesswork and headache out of planning your own workouts. He won’t do the workouts for you, of course, but he’ll take away the pressure of having to know what to do and what to invest in, two factors that definitely outweigh a tendency to procrastinate. Besides that, your trainer is there to guide you from beginning to end… the only “work” you have to do is carefully follow his instructions.

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FizzUp trainer’s tip: A “trainer” can come in many forms, from a physical person at your side to Julien from FizzUp, who’s there to guide you all the way to  your goal through the app. It’s just a matter of finding someone who’s ready, willing and able to meet your needs. It’s always great to have someone you can rely on to show you the right way to better fitness.

With this in mind, FizzUp proves to be one of the simplest and worthwhile solutions to get you to your goal. Just open your app, start your workout and let the trainer tell you exactly what to do every day!

Even the tiniest bit of procrastination can quickly derail even the most disciplined people. Procrastination is a strategy commonly used to avoid a task out of fear of conflict or hesitation to move forward. But if you use these strategies to keep it at bay, you’ll be able to structure your work ethic so that you enjoy success today instead of pushing it off until tomorrow.

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