5 Exercises to Get Muscular Arms

Think your arms are too thin? Need an effective muscle-building method to get muscular arms? The FizzUp trainer knows exactly what you need. He offers a personalized muscle-building program that includes effective bodyweight exercises. Here are five impressive exercises to get sculpted arms that you get with your FizzUp program.


When you imagine muscular arms, you might automatically think of huge biceps. Your biceps have two distinct parts: the short biceps and long biceps. When you work them, you build strength and make your arms look bigger, but they usually overshadows another muscle that’s just as important if you want to get muscular arms: your triceps. As your arm’s posterior muscle, your triceps give it the “sculpted” look. If you never work this muscle, it will cause your skin to sag under your arm.

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Including exercises in your fitness routine that strengthen both your biceps and triceps is key if you want to get arms of steel. The Arms Focus* included in your FizzUp strength training program is an excellent supplement to speed up muscle growth in your arms. It includes effective exercises to get muscular arms. Try it after your workout or on your rest day… it only takes five minutes.

Make sure to stick to your FizzUp workout schedule, which includes rest days. Your muscles develop even when you’re at rest. There are many mistakes that keep you from building muscle, and not resting is one of them. Your muscle fatigue will get worse and your muscle fibers break down if you don’t give them enough time to regenerate. You should also watch what you eat. 80% of your results depend on your diet. Follow the tips in the FizzUp Nutrition Guide and make recipes that are right for your goal to build muscle and get results in just six weeks.


Do these five exercises to beef up your arms. You’ll be surprised by how effective they are.

  • Push-ups: Push-ups are a key muscle-building exercise, because they’re guaranteed to strengthen your entire upper body. The real perk with this exercise is that it doesn’t require any equipment: you’re free to do it wherever you want. Push-ups target several areas such your triceps, pecs, serratus and delts. Try diamond push-ups, which can sculpt your triceps like nothing else. Be sure to keep your body straight and engaged when doing this exercise so that you don’t arch your back. Your FizzUp programs offers many variations to give your fitness training more variety and to target different parts of your upper body.exercises to get muscular arms02
  • Chin-ups: Work your biceps with chin-ups to build strength and power. They’ll evenly sculpt your biceps. Chin-ups also strengthen muscles in your forearms, such as the supinators. To get muscular arms, working every muscle group is so important. With the Back Focus*, you can do a variety of chin-up and pull-up exercises to work both your back and arm muscles.
  • Bench dipsAs a multi-joint exercise, dips actively strengthen your triceps and the lower part of your pecs. Besides giving you arms of steel, you’ll also gradually sculpt your chest. Like push-ups, this is an essential exercise that’s so easy to do. Grab a chair, the edge of a table or the armrest of your couch and you’re ready to go! You don’t even need to bend your elbows very far to feel how effective they are.
  • Rower: The rower will prove to you that you can’t build your biceps without equipment. This isn’t an abdominal strengthening exercise. It works your entire body while improving your posture and working your arm muscles. Make sure to do it correctly to feel all the benefits.exercises to get muscular arms 03
  • Plank push-ups: Also called the “commando plank,” this dynamic core-strengthening exercise works your biceps and triceps as it strengthens your abs. This exercise involves changing your position using arm strength. When doing this exercise, avoid moving your buttocks or back. Don’t do this exercise too fast so that you can do it smoothly. Keep your elbows on the floor if you want to do a regular plank. Exhale when you lift your body and exhale when you lower it.

All you have to do now is let the FizzUp trainer be your guide. You’ll find these five effective exercises to get muscular arms in your FizzUp muscle-building program. If you work out regularly, you’ll quickly see results. Have a great workout!

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